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Monday, 27 March 2023 12:17

Finding the Gym for You

Written by  Revue Staff
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If you want to get moving but don’t know where to start, your best bet is finding an expert to train you and a community to cheer you on.

There’s a wide variety of gyms and trainers in West Michigan, with some specializing in getting jacked, others focused on looking lean, and many that just want to help you find an exercise you actually enjoy. 

With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start, so here are a few of our ideas, depending on what you’re looking for.

Complete Freedom
MVP Sportsplex

Multiple locations

When you want to be able to choose between swimming, running, weightlifting, machines, group fitness, court sports and more, MVP has it all. This is the all-in-one package with a large community and multiple locations around West Michigan.

Functional Fitness
Valeo Sport & Fitness
109 S River Ave., Holland

It’s fitness for your everyday life! In other words, it’s functional fitness, and it’s meant to mimic the movements you utilize day-to-day. Their team offers group fitness classes or one-on-one personal programming. Get started by scheduling a strategy session with one of the exceptional and highly educated instructors at Valeo. 

Life/Work Balance
Life Addicts Studio

2427 Eastern Ave. SE, Grand Rapids

If you’re a “high performer” who always has a full schedule and needs a way to develop healthy habits, this is the place for you. The mission of Life Addicts is to exercise often, eat well, engage community and enjoy the lifestyle. It’s as simple as that! Their signature “Group PT” style classes offer all the positives of personal training in a community group fitness setting. 

Athletic Enhancement
Coachman Training Systems

7780 Clyde Park Ave SW, Byron Center

If you love the idea of training like an athlete (or want to get back to your college sport days), then visit the team at Coachman Training Systems in Byron Center. The coaches at Coachman specialize in adult programs, athlete performance, and online programming. Their health-focused community is centered on helping you reach one goal: a sustainable fitness lifestyle.

For the “Lost Cause”
Body By Choice 

4070 Lake Dr. SE, Grand Rapids

If you think you’re a lost cause and just aren’t “one of those exercise people,” Body By Choice will prove you wrong. This personal training studio is full of experts with years of experience who just want to help you get healthier, stronger and more confident, no matter where you’re at in your journey. They even have online training, if you’re shy or struggle to leave the house!

I Just Want A Gym
Family Fitness Centers

Multiple locations

If you want a solid gym that’s not a big national chain, Family Fitness Centers are a great choice. Their locations all have tons of modern machines, free weights, group classes, tanning beds and available personal trainers, all with 24/7 member access—basically, everything you could want from your local gym!

Get Crossfit
8th Day Gym

130 Market Ave., Grand Rapids

Call it Crossfit, call if functional fitness, call it whatever you want. Just know it gets results. 8th Day Gym is one of the most successful gyms in Grand Rapids, utilizing natural and functional movements with everyday objects. As they put it, “we teach you how to move your body as it was designed, then challenge this movement with variables such as weight, speed, and duration.”

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