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Successful Road Tripping

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Probably the most important part of a successful road trip. Some concertgoers say you should not listen to the band you're going to see leading up to the show. But we say, do whatever you want. If you're going to see Kanye West and his music gets you fired up, listen to it. Make an entire playlist with just bands on the festival's lineup. It gets you more amped up to see them live, plus there won't be any fighting over the music, since you're all going to see those bands.


A road trip is not complete without car snacks. Load up on trail mix, Gatorade, Goldfish crackers, dried fruit, candy, whatever you're digging on the road. Assign each person to bring a snack with enough to go around for everyone. Cost effective and simple. Plus, you'll get some nice snack diversity going.


Have some classic road games on hand or make up your own. The Alphabet Game can get boring after a while, so spice it up with a little Would You Rather, where you'll get a chance to find out some things you never knew (and maybe never wanted to know) about your fellow passengers. Other games in the Would-You-Rather vein include Never Have I Ever and the classic Truth or Dare. Or, maybe Truth or Truth in this instance. There aren't a lot of dares available when you're crammed in a vehicle.

Festival Planning

You're stuck and in close quarters, so you might as well get your festival plan together. Decide on which bands you want to see, a meet-up location and include some downtime for your music marathon.


Take some time to stretch your legs. Find a spot along the way to stop and see a cheesy tourist trap or eat at a new restaurant. This makes for a good refresher, plus interesting photos if you go the tourist trap route.

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