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TRACK OF THE WEEK: “Away” by American WiFi

Written by  Colleen Schonfield
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Sometimes, a group of savvy, young artists like the guys of American WiFi (not to be mistaken for 90s pop punksters American Hi-Fi) is just what the local music scene needs to break up the mesh of bands that believe only reinventing a genre will lead to musical success.

Besides, what are musical influences for anyway if not to act as a melodic blueprint for fellow bands to reproduce? These Grand Rapids rockers prove that totally reinventing an original sound isn’t necessarily key to standing out in the music scene.

Offering up a professional-sounding fusion of early millennial pop and rock reverberations, this barely legal foursome (who aren’t too shabby on the eyes, might I add) carries the echoes of bands likes Matchbox Twenty and The Killers. American WiFi features Levi Lilly on the drum kit, accompanied by Cohen Parker and Sam Starkie on the strings with Greyson Bos as lead vocalist.

It’ll be no surprise if their musical potential sees a major boost in the upcoming weeks, as the group is set to compete in a Battle of the Bands at Billy’s Lounge on April 12, and open up for The Outer Vibe at The Intersection on April 24. Can’t wait that long? Grab a little taste of what’s to come with our featured track of the week, “Away.” Once you press play, the Matchbox Twenty reference will make a little more sense.



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