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Grand Rapids-based Ozenza keeps trucking

Written by  Jayson Bussa
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Ozenza has been slinging its dark brand of doom/stoner metal since 2004 and they stay busy. With 2014 shaping up to include plenty of writing and touring, we quick grabbed a word with Matt Younker, guitarist and vocalists for the Friction Records-signed band.

Being together for the better part of a decade, is this a project that focuses more on recording or playing live?

We focus more on playing live. We record an album and then try to play out as much as we can.

You guys are on Friction Records. There are so many great artists, both past and present, on that roster. What does it do for you guys as a band to be apart of that family?

Being on Friction has helped us reach a diverse group of listeners. As an extension of that, playing at The Pyramid Scheme has helped us reach a diverse group of show goers.

You guys write, record and mix your own music with some additional mastering help. Does being involved in the entire process help you achieve the EXACT sound you're looking for?

Being involved in every part of the process does give us more control and is beneficial if we don't drag our feet; get too picky. I think we may be branching out to other studios in future projects but will at least always do our own pre-production in our studio.

You, personally, are drummer for The Apostles. Is it tough to play behind the kit one night and then be the front man another night?

No. I started playing drums in high school and guitar about 10 years ago. Vocals came even later. I like the idea of playing multiple instruments as a writer, being good at one and not so good at the next and so on — but switching up hasn't been an issue.

Do you focus mainly on one band or devote equal time to them all?

We balance between Ozenza and Apostles pretty well most times. Usually, one band is in show mode and the other is in writing mode. This year, both bands are to be in both modes. Should be nice and hectic.

You also played in a band called Testadura — is that a past project or current?

Past project. There have been a few jam sessions between myself and two of the other founding guys this last year. Nothing concrete yet.

What are your plans and goals of Ozenza moving forward?

Lots of writing and recording in 2014 mixed with some touring in the midwest and east coast.

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