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Songs We Like, Vol. 13

Written by  Pete Bruinsma and Morgan Hayden, WYCE
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This is a sonic collaboration among Revue, WYCE and AMI Jukeboxes. Play this mix as a playlist on AMI Jukeboxes, read about it here every month and stream it on wyce.org. From Grand Rapids, to the world! Each of the bands featured will be performing in Grand Rapids during September. Go see them!



How to Dress Well, “Lost Youth, Lost You” 
(Pyramid Scheme 9/26)
Tom Krell is the artist behind How To Dress Well, a singer who boasts a Ph.D. in Philosophy as well as several critically acclaimed releases prior to his upcoming September release, Care. His experimental music stays relatable for anyone listening and his evocative lyrics reach out to many fans. 
Julien Baker, “Brittle Bones” 
(Ladies Literary Club 9/16)
Julien Baker is the singer of sad songs, poet of past mistakes and patron saint for the emotionally expressive. The small troubadour has captured the hearts of fans around the country with her newest release, Sprained Ankle, where she tackles issues as intimate as past drug use and her (at times dysfunctional) relationship with religion.
Eskimeaux, “Broken Necks” 
(Pyramid Scheme 9/15, WMU 9/17)
This single is off the singer’s latest EP, Year of The Rabbit, which was released earlier this spring. Lyrics that hesitate and leap across eardrums, starting small, leading to loud crescendos, dive into the topics of uncertainty and doubt in relationships.
Of Montreal, “Fugitive Air” 
(Pyramid Scheme 9/17)
The psychedelic rock band that has been around more than 20 years is still innovating and creating new work. The group’s recent forays into progressive rock is melding with an added element of EDM in the latest release, Innocent Reaches.
Frightened Rabbit, “I Wish I Was Sober” 
(Pyramid Scheme 9/20)
Painting a Panic Attack is the the fifth Frightened Rabbit album produced by The National’s Aaron Dessener. One can hear his influences in this song; however, the band is sure to distinguish themselves on their own merit.
Against Me!, “333” 
(Intersection 9/14)
This coming album, Shape Shift with Me, will be the band’s seventh album release. The punk band addresses issues of transgender transition and dysphoria; as evidenced in the title of its previous, release Transgender Dysphoria Blues. Immediately after lead singer Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender to her band, she felt like she had just “dropped kicked them in the face.” The fear that she faced and sings about provides an important outlet for others who are going through the same.
Ruby the Rabbitfoot, “Nicola la” 
(Pyramid Scheme 9/17)
This artist has recently made waves with her carefully crafted pop songs. The newest album from the songwriter is called Divorce Party and boasts of some dark gems, but also this confident song, where even lines such as “I’m gonna let you hurt my feelings” come across with strength.

Other tracks:

Quilt – “Searching For” – 3:07 (Founders Tap Room 9/20)

The Cactus Blossoms – “Mississippi” – 4:01 (Wheatland 9/9 and 9/10)

Charlie Musselwhite – “One of these Mornings – 2:36 (Wheatland 9/10 and 9/11)

The Toasters – “Dub 56” – 2:48 (Founders Tap Room 9/18)

Danny Brown – “When It Rain” – 3:20 (Intersection 9/23)

G. Love & Special Sauce – “Love Saves the Day” – 4:24 (Founders 9/2)

AJJ – “White Worms” – 2:43 (Pyramid Scheme 9/29)

Los Straitjackets – “Jet Set” – 2:43 (w/ NRBQ at Tip Top Deluxe 9/14)

The Concussions – “Bulletproof” – 2:34 (Firehouse 9/24)

Chris Stapleton – “Tennessee Whiskey” – 4:53 (9/11 Allegan County Fair)

Samantha Crain – “Big Rock” – 3:56 (Pyramid Scheme 9/2)

Sean Watkins – “Last Time For Everything” – 3:21 (7 Steps Up series 9/16)

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