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Songs We Like, Vol. 14

Written by  Yong Los and Pete Bruinsma, WYCE
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This is a sonic collaboration among Revue, WYCE and AMI Jukeboxes. Play this mix as a playlist on AMI Jukeboxes, read about it here every month and stream it on Each of the bands featured will be performing in Grand Rapids in October 2016. Here are a few highlights. 




The Suffers, Make some Room

(Pyramid Scheme Oct. 6)

Houston, Texas 10-piece The Suffers are a soulful ensemble that combine a wide spectrum of genres to create something fun, new and completely their own. The band is fronted by singer Kam Franklin, whose voice is so powerful that it cuts through the thick instrumentation with ease. Together, the band brings a sound that is both fresh and larger than life.


Ingrid Michaelson, “Hell No”

(Calvin College Hoogenboom Center Oct. 7)

For nearly 10 years now, Ingrid Michaelson has consistently broken and mended the hearts of many with her songwriting. Her seventh studio album, It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense, pulls inspiration from across the board. From dealing with breakups to losing her mother, the 36-year-old covers a lot of emotional ground where few would dare to go.


Real Estate, “Crime”

(Pyramid Scheme Oct. 10)

Two years after its release, Atlas remains a favorite among the indie rock community. The band’s playful guitar work over sweet vocal melodies is a recipe that’s studied closely and replicated by many today. On the surface, Real Estate is sugar-coated and dreamy, but below that are lyrics that cut deeper than most bands in the same circle.


July Talk, “Picturing Love”

(Founders Taproom Oct. 13)

July Talk is a Canadian rock band that’s dynamic, catchy and full of life. Leah Fay’s (vocals) sultry croon contrasted with the harsh growl from Peter Dreimanis (guitar/keyboard) creates pools of calm serenity, quickly washed away by a fist-pumping energy that’s uncommon today. July Talk effortlessly blends different moods and emotions into a blues-influenced brand of rock that deserves to be listened to at the highest of volumes.


Moon Hooch, “Low 5”

(Intersection Oct. 13 & WYCE’s Live Lunch at H.O.M.E.)

Moon Hooch is more than just another jazz band. The band incorporates elements of many jazz-influenced forms and buries them in pulsating, electronic soundscapes. The trio brings such a powerful energy to their music that it’s impossible to not dance along. Moon Hooch has crafted a unique genre of music that shouldn’t work, but may be the best new thing you hear all week.


Whitney, “No Matter Where We Go”

(Pyramid Scheme Oct. 16)

Whitney (Chicago, Ill.) is the brainchild of Max Kakacek (guitar) and Julien Ehrlich (drums/vocals) following the breakup of their previous band. The band features a handful of different musicians to create a unique form of indie rock with psychedelic influences. Ehrlich’s murmured vocals float effortlessly over the beautiful swell of horns, keyboards and percussion that make Whitney’s sound so huge. The band’s debut record, Light Upon the Lake, is packed with 10 catchy tracks that explore a whole spectrum of color and emotion.


The Harlequins, “Hear Me Out”

(Dizzybird Anniversary at Pyramid Scheme Oct. 28)

There are few words that accurately describe the energy The Harlequins brings to the world. The band melds elements of psychedelic, surf and punk rock into something raw and very rare today. Between guitarist/vocalist Michael Oliva’s nasally wail, his screaming guitar solos, and the steady, driving rhythms, The Harlequins delivers a punchy, in-your-face sound that will make you want to dance. 


Atmosphere, “Ringo” 

(Intersection Nov. 2)

Atmosphere is a hip-hop duo consisting of lyrical mastermind Slug and DJ/musical songsmith Ant. The group is well-known for Slug’s adept storytelling and Ant’s old-school-influenced production. Their eighth studio album together, Fishing Blues, showcases Slug’s clever lyricism and Ant’s brilliant ear for creating a cohesive body of work. 


Full track list:

Big Sandy and his Fly Rite Boys — “Jumping From 6 to 6” — Tip Top Deluxe Oct. 31

Harlequins — “Hear Me Out” — Dizzybird 2 Year Anniversary at Pyramid Scheme Oct. 28

July Talk — “Picturing Love” — Founders Tap Room Oct. 13

Caroline Smith — “Magazine” — Founders Tap Room Oct. 9

Atmosphere — “Ringo”  — Intersection Nov. 2

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad — “What Kind of World” — Bells Brewery Nov. 3

Josh Ritter — “Man Burning” — DeVos Performance Hall w/ Jason Isbell Oct. 3

The Suffers — “Make Some Room” — Pyramid Scheme Oct. 6

Chris Robinson Brotherhood — “Leave My Guitar Alone” — Intersection Oct. 4

Maria Muldaur — “Tricks Ain’t Walkin’” — Tip Top Deluxe Oct. 12

Horse Feathers — “Old Media” — Founders Tap Room Oct. 15

Real Estate — “Crime” — Pyramid Scheme Oct. 10

Way Down Wanderers — “Hollow Man” — Founders Tap Room Oct. 8

Dos Santos Afrobeat Orchestra — Founders Tap Room Oct. 15

Ingrid Michaelson — “Hell No” — Calvin College Hoogenboom Center Oct. 7

Moon Hooch — “Low 5” — Intersection Oct. 13 & WYCE’s Live Lunch at H.O.M.E. 12-1pm

Whitney — “No Matter Where We Go” — Pyramid Scheme Oct. 16

Leon Russell — “Down in Dixieland” — Bells Back Room Oct. 27

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