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Songs We Like, Vol. 15: The Jammies Edition

Written by  Yong Los, WYCE intern
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This is a sonic collaboration among Revue, WYCE and AMI Jukeboxes. Play this mix as a playlist on AMI Jukeboxes, read about it here every month and stream it via


Over the years, Grand Rapids has developed into a diverse musical community that specializes in cultivating the city’s own unique sound. With venues of all sizes and sounds of all volumes, the Grand Rapids music scene has provided many musicians with a platform to express themselves. Despite the differences between the musicians, the scene carries a universal respect for everyone and their art. 

Throughout 2016, many new musicians were proudly welcomed into the community, adopted into Grand Rapids’ extensive musical history. Meanwhile, veterans of the music scene ventured outside of the Midwest, performing in bars, venues and basements across the country. But time and again, they returned home to Beer City to share their stories and reunite with old friends. 

The Jammies is an annual awards event hosted by WYCE that celebrates that local music, charity and community. Nominees come from a multitude of genres and backgrounds, with a dozen different categories and a wide variety of live music from across the state. Winners will be announced Feb. 10 during the Jammies XVIII at The Intersection. 

More than 80 songs have been nominated for WYCE’s annual Song of the Year award. The Listeners Choice ballot is now live at, where you can weigh in on your favorites. This month, we bring you a streaming playlist highlighting 25 of the best songs released from Grand Rapids in 2016. 



Full track list:

  1. Strawberry Heritage — Bound to Separate
  2. Conrad Shock & the Noise — Murphy’s Law
  3. Hi-Ker — #10
  4. Empty Houses — Rope
  5. Jesse Ray & the Carolina Catfish — Two Face Talkin’
  6. The Bootstrap Boys — Poverty Line
  7. I Believe in Julio — Home
  8. Flushed — Only One
  9. Norty — Swimming
  10. The Great Ones — Do it For the Love
  11. Dante Cope — Brewing Bitches
  12. Channing & Quinn — Up North
  13. Joe Shields — Sinkin’ Too
  14. Big Dudee Roo — Nothing Good Today
  15. Heaters — Centennial
  16. Alexander Lynch — Missing Me
  17. Trash Hounds — Images
  18. Rick Chyme & Nixon — Praise Unworthy
  19. Coffin Problem — Ghosts of Ourselves
  20. The Crane Wives — I Talk in My Sleep
  21. Kari Lynch — Sweetheart
  22. Public Access — Niala Boodhoo
  23. Bermudas — Chew
  24. Sligh — Sligh Boulevard
  25. The SEVENth — On the Table
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