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Songs We Like, March 2017

Written by  Adrianna Walker, WYCE
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This is a sonic collaboration among Revue, WYCE and AMI Jukeboxes. Play this mix as a playlist on AMI Jukeboxes, read about it here every month and stream it below or on Each of the bands featured will be performing in West Michigan in March 2017. 




J.D. McPherson, “It’s All Over but the Shouting”

(The Pyramid Scheme, March 15)

Bluesy piano licks, horns and soulful vocals. This is J.D. McPherson’s slightly modern take on R&B and rock ‘n’ roll, which could easily be confused for a 1950s record and will blow the doors off The Pyramid Scheme.


Jamila Woods, “Lonely Lonely”

(Calvin’s Festival of Faith and Music, March 30)

Don’t let the hypnotizing rhythm and Woods’ soothing voice distract you from her empowering lyrics. The word “lonely” has a different connotation in this dreamy track from the up-and-coming Chicago artist.


Pink Martini, “Kaj Kolah Khan”

(DeVos Performance Hall, March 7)

It’s OK if you don’t understand the language in this song. Pink Martini and its worldly ensemble return this month to take us on a Middle Eastern journey with this bouncy track. 


Wilco, “Cry All Day”

(Kalamazoo State Theatre, March 14)

Jeff Tweedy sings this catchy, chugging tune completely unphased by the angsty and melancholy lyrics he has chosen, almost negating the fact that the song is literally about crying all day long.


Adrian Belew, “Men in Helicopters”

(The Intersection, March 10)

Belew’s combination of strings, vocal effects and quirky lyrics telling a silly story (men in helicopters fly, shooting rhinos out of the sky) sound like they could fit on the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour.” A lack of percussion emphasizes Belew’s impressive vocal range and the heavy string arrangement.


Slightly Stoopid, “Come Around”

(20 Monroe Live, March 25)

Slightly Stoopid has created an eclectic mix of reggae, pop, rock, hip-hop and more. “Come Around” is a perfect embodiment of that genre-spanning talent. 


All Them Witches, “Don’t Bring Me Coffee”

(Founders Taproom, March 3)

A no-nonsense song from a no-nonsense rock band, as you can tell by just a snippet of lyrics: “Don’t bring me no coffee, cause I don’t wanna hear it, and I don’t like the taste.” If you didn’t see the band last time around, catch the show this time.


Full track list:

Lotus “White Light Fadeaway” - Intersection 3/2 *

Driftwood “Talkin’” – Black River Tavern 3/2, Seven Steps Up 3/3

Pink Martini “Kaj Kolah Khan” DeVos Performance Hall 3/7 *

Albert Cummings “No Doubt” - Tip Tip 3/8

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “Only Run” – Pyramid Scheme 3/9

Adrian Belew “Men in Helicopters” – Intersection 3/10

Way Down Wanderers “Sweet Morning Vision” – Founders 3/11

Los Lonely Boys “Heaven” – St Cecilia 3/14

Wilco “Cry All Day” – Kalamazoo State Theatre 3/14

J.D. McPherson “It’s All Over But the Shouting” – Pyramid Scheme 3/15 *

Big Sam’s Funky Nation “Krunked Up” – Bells Eccentric Café 3/16

Keller Williams “Best Feeling” - Intersection  3/17

Dawes “One of Us” – Kalamazoo State Theatre 3/18 *

Turkuaz “Club Foot”  – Bells Eccentric Café – 3/19

All Them Witches “Don’t Bring Me Coffee” – Founders 3/19

Slightly Stoopid “Come Around” – 20 Monroe 3/25 *

Jamila Woods “Lonely Lonely” – Calvin College Festival of Faith and Music – 3/30 *

Cory Branan “The No-Hit Wonder” – Founders Tap Room 3/30

Julien Baker “Everybody Does”  – Calvin College Festival of Faith and Music – 3/31

Allison Crutchfield “Chopsticks on Pots and Pans” – Pyramid Scheme 4/3

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