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Songs We Like

Written by  Pete Bruinsma, WYCE Music Director
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WYCE 88.1 FM eats up a lot of music each week, but occasionally we also throw down in the food realm as well. Last week our staff had some tacos with the AMI staff, some tapas with Revue editors, and it all mixed together nicely into this new playlist collaboration. Revue has the looks, WYCE has the songs and AMI has the jukeboxes. Each month, you’ll be able to read, stream and hear the latest mix in playlist form on AMI Jukeboxes, in print and online at Revue and at Here is the first installment. Bon Appetit!

— Pete Bruinsma, WYCE Music Director

Songs We Like! - August 2015 by Wyceradio on Mixcloud

Alabama Shakes — “Don’t Wanna Fight”
We all had absolutely nothing to worry about. The Alabama Shakes’ 2015 album Sound & Color is every bit of a start-to-finish punk-soul-blues anthem as 2012’s Boys and Girls. Brittany Howard is truly a special singer, songwriter and performer.

Courtney Barnett — “Pedestrian at Best”
Australian Courtney Barnett is already the darling of many music fans and tastemakers with her intelligent, rocking debut LP. The message is complicated, offbeat and artistic with nuances of comedy – it’s one of the best alternative releases in modern times. Fans of this song should also check out “Nobody Really Cares if You Don’t Go to the Party” and even dig into last year’s The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas.

Lord Huron — “Fool for Love”
Haunted songwriting and dark pop can describe Lord Huron’s sound. The band’s name and founding member come from Michigan and they are beloved by its people.

Father John Misty — “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)”
I Love You Honeybear was already dubbed “Album of the Year” back in January by staff member Larae and many critics agree. Josh Tillman, the “Dick Destiny” of indie folk, is whimsically complicated, intelligent and refreshingly off-kilter. Distinctively he collects dreams, churns them into butter and adds an eight-level spice for the listening pleasure of the detached hipster charlatan.

My Morning Jacket — “Compound Fracture”
After 15 years of constantly surprising releases and reinvention of psych-classic-indie rock, let’s just sit back and enjoy this accomplished masterpiece. Don’t listen to the haters, enjoy the song.

Houndmouth — “My Cousin Greg”
These guys straddle Americana, pop and Heartland rock, while offering a loose “live” arrangement that’s even better in concert. See them if you get a chance! We could have easily gone with “Sedona” or “Black Gold” but “My Cousin Greg” is a great bar anthem for the ol’ jukebox.

Waxahatchee —“Under a Rock”
Katie Crutchfield’s solo project touches on the 90’s post-punk alternative sound in all of the best places. Whether or not you were a Throwing Muses fan this works on many levels, fueled by excellent songwriting. Plus, she used to play with former WYCE affiliate Sam Cook-Parrott of Radiator Hospital. If Pitchfork can mention it, we can too.

The Arcs — “Stay in My Corner”
Here we have the highly-anticipated new single from Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys – it’s his new side project. We hope the whole album has as much grit and crud in the mix as the few songs we’ve heard so far. Sub the primal uneasiness of Thickfreakness with the confidence of an experienced producer who is still lo-fi at heart and you get The Arcs.

Melody Gardot — “Preacherman”
Melody’s music is amazing but her journey is incredible. Her debut release came out three years after a terrible bicycle accident after which she was forced to re-learn basic motor skills. With the release of Currency of Man, her sixth album, she embodies her own teachings of music as therapy. This song is inspired by “Preacherman” Emmitt Till, which also recalls the more recent tragedies of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Ibeyi — “River”
Lisa and Naomi are the twin daughters of Miguel Diaz, founding member and conga player of the Buena Vista Social Club. The song “River” is a great intro to the beautiful harmonies, sonic exploration (that beat!) and fusion of their French, African and Cuban roots. “Ibeyi” translates as “Twins” in Yoruba.

Hot Chip — “Huarache Nights”
One of the top songs of the year and Program Director Matt Jarrells’s favorite. It’s so catchy and danceable.

Kate Tempest — “Lonely Daze”
Right now, Kate is a “discovery,” but we think she’s really onto something. The British author and poet has transitioned into a spoken-word poet, rapper and musician and is currently on her first US tour doing something she strongly believes in.

Leon Bridges — “Coming Home”
Fans of label mate Raphael Saadiq will want to check this guy out. He’s the newest vintage retro-soul performer and this new 30-minute album is smooth as silk.

Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds — “Mama Says”
SS is an explosive, energetic, eclectic ensemble, taking traditional genre themes like Soul, Funk, Rock & Gospel and flipping them on the hypotenuse. Filled with great folks with great big hearts and great big personalities, Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds simply fit here.

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