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Day At The S-Paw

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“I was a good boy, do I get my treat now?” -Toby “I was a good boy, do I get my treat now?” -Toby

If you own a dog, you’ve probably heard of grooming and its benefits. But you’ve likely also heard stories from friends and others who may not have had the best experience. You may have tried at-home grooming, and it didn’t go so well; or you tried to trim your dog’s nails, and it didn’t go so well; or you tried to cut a matte out, and that didn’t go so well. We are here to help! 

Starting Early

Starting at a young age is important to build trust with the groomer and the process. It can be a scary experience for a puppy, which is why a lot of grooming establishments offer an “intro to grooming” package — take advantage of this! Starting a regular grooming schedule at a young age will make it easier for both the dog and the groomer, and help build a lasting relationship between them. 

Obtaining the Desired Look

If you have a dog that needs haircuts, such as a Doodle, the longer you desire to have your dog’s coat, the more frequently your dog should see their groomer. Most reputable groomers recommend bringing your dog in every 4-8 weeks (depending on the length you want your dog’s coat). Grooming at home, with the proper tools, is important in maintaining your desired look as well. If you have questions, ask your groomer what tools are right for your breed, or come and ask one of our knowledgeable groomers!

Health Benefits 

All dogs benefit from regular grooming, even short-coated dogs that don’t need a haircut. Regular grooming invigorates the skin and promotes healthy hair growth (and typically less shedding is a result). Even regular nail-trims are crucial in keeping your dog’s paws in good shape and nails at a healthy length. Regular bathing and brushing helps keep your household clean and family members healthy as well, with less dirt, hair and dander hanging around inside the house. A clean and well-groomed dog is a happy dog! 

Building Trust

We value building trust with our customers by forming a relationship with not only your dog, but with you, and helping you keep your dog healthy, beautiful and comfortable. Find a groomer that you feel comfortable with, will help you and your dog maintain your desired look, and is open to teaching you at-home grooming techniques to keep your dog’s coat nice between grooms. We encourage everyone to find a reputable groomer to help you maintain your dog’s health through grooming!

Written by: Mallory Knight, Lead Groomer @ Fido & Stitch


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