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  • Outdoor Winter Activities

    You can only stay indoors so long before cabin fever sets in. You can't escape the Michigan winter, so you might as well bundle up and have some fun outdoors. Our state takes winter activities seriously, too. There are 51 ski areas and resorts, with 6,500 miles of snow mobile trails and 3,000 miles of cross country skiing trails, according to Pure Michigan's website. Read More
  • Lady Ace Boogie Takes to the Stage for LP Release Show

    A lot has changed for Linda Tellis in the past couple of years. An Atlanta native by way of both West Virginia and Ohio, Tellis moved to Grand Rapids in 2009 and landed a job at Cascade Engineering, where she steadily built a career as a facilitator of Lean Enterprise Systems for the company. Read More
  • Michigan Stout Face-Off

    When winter rolls around, it’s a not-so-subtle cue to start drinking stouts. There’s just something warming about the roasty and rich coffee flavors featured in so many of the styles that pairs well with the season. These are typically beers with some personality — just like a Pure Michigan winter.   Read More
  • New Year's Resolutions, Dining Edition

    It's that time of year again. Fresh as the snow falling outside your window. Full of promise and potential. Brand-spankin' new. With optimism for our personal growth at a high, we're inspired to think of at least a few ways we can improve ourselves and our lives. Either you've started a list of resolutions already, or you're going to wake up on Jan. 1, power through your hangover and crank out some lofty ambitions for the next 12 months. Read More
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  • BEST BETS: The Grand Rapids Symphony gives a nod to Oscar winners and nominees BEST BETS: The Grand Rapids Symphony gives a nod to Oscar winners and nominees

    If you were like any red-blooded American child, Beauty and the Beast was your jam - probably one of your favorite Disney animated movies. There is still time to re-capture your youth and check out all those crazy cats live on stage. Lindsay Patton-Carson has your hook-up, plus a ton more in this week's best bets. Lindsay has the rundown of the weekend, which includes the Harlem Globetrotters in Grand Rapids, blues guru Selwyn Birchwood at the Tip Top Deluxe and WinterFest in Grand Haven.

  • Disney’s Detailed Beauty Disney’s Detailed Beauty

    Some movies are all about the details, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is one of them. As charming as the storyline is, it’s the addition of luscious artwork, ingenious songwriting and intricate characters that elevates the film to a masterpiece. Just try rooting for the Beast and Belle without falling for a talking candlestick along the way. 

  • Tasting Notes: Slow Ride Session IPA Tasting Notes: Slow Ride Session IPA

    Not every occasion calls for a full-bodied IPA. Sometimes, you want the flavor of an IPA without the weight (and responsibility) of a higher alcohol content. That’s why many breweries are debutting new session IPAs, and one of the newest is Slow Ride from Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing.

  • Tasting Notes: Portage Porter Tasting Notes: Portage Porter

    Portage is a new seasonal beer from the veteran brewers at New Belgium Brewing. The label features a gorgeous wooden canoe in a wheeled carrier ready for a portage, reflecting the name of the beer. After prying off the cap, an aggressive pour results in a one-finger head of off-white foam that quickly dissipates.


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Best Bets

  • BEST BETS: Grand Rapids Bridal show; A Beer Bro's take on Kalamazoo Beer Week BEST BETS: Grand Rapids Bridal show; A Beer Bro's take on Kalamazoo Beer Week

    Blushing brides have a chance to check out the Grand Rapids Bridal Show on Jan. 9 and 10. Our Lindsay Patton-Carson will even tell you how to score a free, high-sugar dinner while you are there. REVUE's Beer Bro Nick Manes also makes an appearance to discuss the upcoming Kalamazoo Beer Week.

  • Blues Best Bet: Selwyn Birchwood Blues Best Bet: Selwyn Birchwood

    Hey, you. What do you have going on this boring Sunday night? Chances are, not much. Instead, see a raw, authentic bluesman that will sex-up your ear canals with some intense, juicy guitar twanging.

  • Pop Best Bet: Motion City Soundtrack Pop Best Bet: Motion City Soundtrack

    These 10 years past, it’s been hard to forget about the, well, soundtrack that guided us through our young adult transitional lives. With Commit This To Memory’s decade anniversary, the Minneapolis-based quintet is celebrating more than just a recording career milestone.

  • Classic Rock Best Bet: Fleetwood Mac Classic Rock Best Bet: Fleetwood Mac

    Return of the Mac. Return of the Mac. As devoted ‘90s lyrics enthusiasts, we had an inkling he might be back. But we never guessed that she would be back as well; that is, Christie McVie, the longstanding hold out on the much-buzzed about Fleetwood Mac reunion tour.


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