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  • West Michigan IPA Face-Off

    The ever-popular India Pale Ale serves as a versatile, year-round beer that’s as drinkable on a warm summer day as it is in the heart of winter. They’re also a hotbed of experimentation for brewers, including many of West Michigan’s finest. Read More
  • The Great 2014 REVUE Central/Southeast Michigan Whistlestop Beer Tour

    Say what you will about West Michigan, we have an innate ability to vote for ourselves, particularly when it comes to beer. Read More
  • Joan Osborne Tackles Love's Messy Aspects

    Most of us came to know Joan Osborne with her 1995 Grammy-nominated hit single, "One of Us." Since then, the singer-songwriter has enjoyed continued success with multiple studio albums exploring a variety of genres, from the 2006 country album Pretty Little Stranger to the more bluesy offerings on her 2012 record Bring It On Home. Read More
  • Kalamashoegazer 8: Here to Carry You into the Heavens

    Shoegaze fans, stand in solidarity; Kalamashoegazer is back. Now in it’s eighth year running, the show is West Michigan’s yearly bloodrite to the dreamy swells we know and love as shoegaze. Read More
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Best Bets

  • Pop Best Bet: OK Go Pop Best Bet: OK Go

    Get those treadmills out of storage, everyone! By the time this Ok Go show has come and gone, we’re all going to be reenacting that infamous treadmill dance until somebody loses a digit.

  • Surf Best Bet: Los Straitjackets Surf Best Bet: Los Straitjackets

    Despite what’s suggested by its name, Los Straitjackets is anything but tied down and restricted of movement. In fact, as one of the most innovative, retro-fitting rock outfits in the current game as we know it, this fearsome fivesome wouldn’t last too long in the sterile confines of a mental institution.

  • Country Best Bet: Eric Church Country Best Bet: Eric Church

    With a name like Eric Church, your destiny is essentially ordering you to become a man of the cloth. Or, failing that, a mega country music star. Luckily for us, the melodically-attuned parishioners, this Church made the right choice, and the CMT network is all the better for it.

  • Piano Pop Best Bet: Ben Folds/GR Symphony Piano Pop Best Bet: Ben Folds/GR Symphony

    There isn't really anyone on this planet that can make a song about abortion as endearing as Ben Folds can. Likewise, Folds is one of a few musicians on this planet that can make the suburbs sound exciting. (The other being Arcade Fire.)


Artist Spotlight

  • Alexis to Release Love or Temptation Alexis to Release Love or Temptation

    If you look up Conklin, Mich., on Google Maps, you’ll see a post office, Fenian’s Irish Pub and not a whole lot else. Tucked between some utilitarian-looking shops and a dusty grain elevator, Fenian’s isn’t really where you’d peg a celebrated West Michigan synth-pop group to have come to life.


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