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  • Lamp Light Music Festival Amps Up for Third Year Lamp Light Music Festival Amps Up for Third Year

    For the third year running, the first weekend in November hosts Eastown’s Lamp Light Music Festival. The three-day gala of artistic delights brings together some of the area’s most ardent and talented creators, serving as a celebration of both really great music and a community’s potential to carve its own cultural niche.

  • The Revue Hangover Guide The Revue Hangover Guide

    Oh Merriam-Webster, you naive word bible you, defining the hangover vaguely, clinically, as though the symptoms were so simple. Bless your heart. “A severe headache or other after effects...” I guess that’s a start.

  • Death Itself Can't Stop GWAR Death Itself Can't Stop GWAR

    For 30 years, the infamous band known as GWAR has been delivering its brand of heavy metal through signature, over-the-top live shows that sport everything from gargantuan alien monsters to staged celebrity executions.

  • Michigan Brown Ale Face-Off Michigan Brown Ale Face-Off

    The lowly brown ale never receives the love or fervent adulations that many other popular beer styles get. But that doesn’t mean that craft beer lovers should pass over brown ales. In fact, they’re often very balanced beers with malty, earthy, nutty and rich flavors. They’re also a beer that tends to be somewhat on the sweet side.


Best Bets

  • Folk Best Bet: Suzanne Vega Folk Best Bet: Suzanne Vega

    Let’s just be real honest here: I love Suzanne Vega, you love Suzanne Vega, every Revue minion who has ever minioned loves Suzanne Vega (even though some of them were born in the ‘90s, mercy). She’s more than just the artist who drew attention to the tragedy of child abuse. An award winning, indie rock iconoclast with more than 30 years in the industry, Vega is a force to be reckoned with, perhaps even more now than ever.

  • Pop Best Bet: Ingrid Michaelson Pop Best Bet: Ingrid Michaelson

    At first glance, Ingrid Michaelson bears a striking resemblance to a 30-something, chilled-out-but poignant version of the ever-troubled Amanda Bynes. But thankfully, the similarities end there (although we wouldn’t necessarily mind seeing our girl Ingrid rock a purple wig).

  • Electronic Best Bet: Flosstradamus Electronic Best Bet: Flosstradamus

    The thing I love about electronic music is, no matter how old I get, the beats just stay the same age. Or at least I do, in my heart, when I breathe them in – it’s enough of a force to make one even glibly quote Matthew McConaughey for a professional publication. 

  • Pop Best Bet: OK Go Pop Best Bet: OK Go

    Get those treadmills out of storage, everyone! By the time this Ok Go show has come and gone, we’re all going to be reenacting that infamous treadmill dance until somebody loses a digit.


Artist Spotlight

  • Alexis to Release Love or Temptation Alexis to Release Love or Temptation

    If you look up Conklin, Mich., on Google Maps, you’ll see a post office, Fenian’s Irish Pub and not a whole lot else. Tucked between some utilitarian-looking shops and a dusty grain elevator, Fenian’s isn’t really where you’d peg a celebrated West Michigan synth-pop group to have come to life.


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