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  • Glamping 101

    Glamour+camping. It’s mimosas in the morning instead of orange juice. The glamping experience is like a park and party pad complete with all the cutesy comforts of home. Men, you’re in charge of tunes, flasks, the fire (adding sage repels mosquitoes) and focusing on being the classiest son of a bitchwith a hitch. If, for any reason, you feel like you’re roughing it, you need to reapply your glam. Read More
  • Lake Street Dive Captures the Soul of Jazz

    Four jazz students with a shared love of ‘60s pop united in 2004, making a name for themselves playing dive bars in Boston and Cambridge. Ten years later, the members of Lake Street Dive are National Public Radio darlings and late-night television veterans who released their third studio album, Bad Self Portraits, earlier this year. Read More
  • Les Claypool's Version of Kumbaya

     Les Claypool is certainly best known for his role as lead vocalist and bassist for Primus. But Claypool is just as well known for his number of side projects and artistic endeavors, including the formation of supergroup Oysterhead, theme songs for "South Park" and Robot Chicken, a book, a movie and working alongside musicians from Tom Waits to Metallica. Read More
  • Roughing It in Michigan

    Civilization is pretty great — electricity, life expectancy over 30, and it seems like you’re never more than three hundred feet from a McDonald’s at any given time. Sometimes, though, you need to just get away from your comfortable and safe existence and experience something a little more… primal. Read More
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The Latest

  • ArtPrize By the Years: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ArtPrize By the Years: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    What makes ArtPrize successful is its ability to polarize the community. Is it legitimate art if anyone can enter? Just because the public likes the piece the most, does it actually make it the best? And why are there so many big-ass pieces of art? Like any big event, there are the hits, the misses and the things that just make you laugh out loud. We've found some of the best.

  • TRACK OF THE WEEK: "Anywhere (But Here)" by Vagabonds TRACK OF THE WEEK: "Anywhere (But Here)" by Vagabonds

    Suddenly, at the blink of an eye, August is here and summer is fast approaching its end. With autumn drawing closer in, excitement forms as new expectations are made of what the next season will bring. Here to help with the transition is the track of the week, preaching adventure, change and moving forward.

  • GoSite Pop-Up is Now Open GoSite Pop-Up is Now Open


    The Grand Rapids Art Museum opened up its pop up, GoSite, for public use on July 31. The pop up is in collaboration with the GRAM and the GoSite Coalition and is an information-sharing space for the community, including Grand Rapids residents and tourists.


  • Sponsored Content: Grand Rapids Restaurant Week Menus Sponsored Content: Grand Rapids Restaurant Week Menus

    Everyone needs a little variety meals or where’s the fun in eating? Well now is your chance to kick boredom to the curb and check out Restaurant Week in Grand Rapids Aug. 13-24. More than 60 participating restaurants will feature menus even bigger, better and exclusively for this week. Here is a glimpse at what some restaurants are offering.


Featured Content

  • August Indie Film: Wealthy Theatre's Filmmaking Day Camp August Indie Film: Wealthy Theatre's Filmmaking Day Camp

    It's been a good summer for films in Michigan. Countless exciting projects are being produced and released, a plethora of film festivals showcased some of the best cinema independent film has to offer, and our friends at Thriller! Chiller! announced some exciting changes for their festival. Well, it's now August, and while summer festivities may be winding down in the next month or so, the Michigan film industry shows no signs of slowing down.

  • August Eclectic Round Up: Pirate Festival; End of Summer Blues August Eclectic Round Up: Pirate Festival; End of Summer Blues

    Fear not, summer is still within our desperate grasp, dear Michiganders. You can squeeze every last drop of sweaty dancing and semi-indecent clothing choices from this cicada-buzzing month. Or, enjoy explosions in the name of history, science or pure tomfoolery.

  • Taste This: Highlighting Some of Our Local Farmers Markets Taste This: Highlighting Some of Our Local Farmers Markets

    While most markets are up and running for the majority of the year, now is the time to stock up on limited-time goodies like heirloom tomatoes, juicy blueberries and crunchy greens. But there's more than just fresh produce at the five West Michigan farmers' markets below. So hurry up and find out what's unique about each.

  • Steve-O: Certified Clown and World Renowned "Jackass" Steve-O: Certified Clown and World Renowned "Jackass"

    Anyone familiar with the "Jackass" empire knows the professionals involved have one philosophy: the more outrageous the stunt, the better. This is a mantra Steve-O swears by, and one that got him noticed by members of the "Jackass"crew while they still worked with the skateboarding magazine, Big Brother.


Best Bets

  • Indie Best Bet: Rodrigo y Gabriela Indie Best Bet: Rodrigo y Gabriela

    Now, here’s a combination as peculiar as salt and pepper on top of chocolate ice cream: jazz, metal and world music fusion. But one particular ingredient serves to spice up this delectable array of oddly paired musical genres, and that’s the sweet sounds of an acoustic Spanish guitar.

  • Pop Best Bet: Katy Perry Pop Best Bet: Katy Perry

    We all remember back when Katy Perry was experiencing her first same-sex kiss, couldn’t wait to tell the world with a giggle, a flourish of blushing, hair twirling and that she’d actually liked it.

  • Rock Best Bet: Halestorm Rock Best Bet: Halestorm

    Amid a sea of sweaty dude bros and popping jugular veins, it’s more than a little refreshing to encounter a ballsy female fronting an aggro-rock muscle band. The front-woman in question here is Elizabeth “Lzzy” Hale, and along with her band Halestorm, she’s been spending the past decade-plus carving out some pretty badass territory for herself.

  • Singer Songwriter Best Bet: Crystal Bowersox Singer Songwriter Best Bet: Crystal Bowersox

    As a Michigander, native or otherwise, you might be often tempted to wonder what Ohio has done for us lately. OK, sure, it has produced a handful of presidents and astronauts, but that was then, man. I’m all about the here and now. Well, rest assured, you feisty Mitten dweller, that our friendly neighbor to the immediate south has been working its oddly shaped keister off to bring us one of the most exciting singer-songwriters since Chrissie Hynde first busted out of Akron.


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