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Saturday, October 09, 2021, 04:00pm - 07:00pm
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Join us for a meet & greet and demonstration with Mary Hatch and Linda Rzoska.
Mary's work begins with little forgotten fragments of life unintentionally stored in our memories. These insignificant remembrances are explored in her paintings forming familiar narratives as if they have always existed. The main subject is apparent. The subtle stroke of the brush brings out the hidden intuitive past and blends it to form a statement. Hatch has been painting for many years and has developed a style that is very recognizable and sought after. Her ability is to tell a story with her imagery in a style reminiscent of dreams. She paints as a novelist might start their story.
Linda’s process, like her spirit, has many layers. She uses material like graphite pencil, touche, and wax to create her layered and mystical pieces. The imagery in the artwork is meant to represent a sense of life with no limitations of space and time, a sharing of spirit, mind, and heart, spiritual recognition and belonging, a joining in an ancient and eternal way. Her current work is inspired by her interest in nature, folklore, mythology, and comparative religions. An attempt to visually communicate this spirit or soul of a place that has been witnessed along with the human collective relationship with the landscape.
Location: J. Petter Galleries | 161 Blue Star Highway Douglas, MI 49406
Located on the Art Coast of Michigan the J. Petter Galleries is a unique find for art enthusiasts, collectors, designers, and wine lovers featuring a curated collection of fine paintings, drawings, sculpture, and glass complemented by boutique wines, artisan cheeses, and hand-poured chocolates in the wine bar and shop.

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