• 50 Things to Do in 2020

    50 Things to Do in 2020

    Having an entire year ahead of you can be daunting. There are 12 months to fill, 52 weeks, 365 days ... If you’re feeling a little aimless, we’re here to help. A new year is actually a great time to commit to trying things, whether it’s learning a new hobby, going to a festival for the first time or visiting that restaurant you’ve always been scared of. Read More
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  • The Itinerary: Jan. 22-28 The Itinerary: Jan. 22-28

    Bust out your snowshoes, your cross-country skis, your dog parkas — whatever you need to make it through winter, because the snowy season is officially here.

  • Walking Through the World of Winter Walking Through the World of Winter

    The World of Winter is officially here, just in time for weeks of snow to blanket West Michigan.

  • The Itinerary: Jan. 15-21 The Itinerary: Jan. 15-21

    If you’re reading this, you survived the Great Ice Storm of January 11. Way to go!

    The storm was hailed (ha) as an onslaught of freezing rain and snow that would kill power to most of West Michigan, and while it wasn’t exactly a fun time, we made it through. 

  • The Itinerary: Jan. 8-14 The Itinerary: Jan. 8-14

    We’re back, baby! 2020 is officially here and we’re ready for it. It’s a new decade, which is the perfect time for a new start — both personally and professionally.



Food & Drink

  • Supreme Salads: Kick your year off right Supreme Salads: Kick your year off right

    Thanks to resolutions, fresh starts and new beginnings, January is synonymous with diets — and with diets, come salads. I’m certainly not saying you should go paleo or keto or Whole 30 or whatever fad diet is hot nowadays, but it doesn’t hurt to introduce some veggies to your life now and then!

  • Wrap It Up Wrap It Up

    A guide to West Michigan’s edible little bundles of joy

  • IPAs Won't Go Away: Here's How to Like 'Em IPAs Won't Go Away: Here's How to Like 'Em

    Our lizard brains weren’t designed to enjoy bitter flavors. In our hunter-gatherer heyday, if you found yourself chewing on a bitter leaf, it probably meant you were mere seconds from foaming at the mouth. Stick with the sweet berries, they said; they’re safe. In spite of this primal distaste, we persist, scouring for bitterness like masochists. 

  • Soups, Stews and Brews, Oh My! Soups, Stews and Brews, Oh My!

    It’s finally that time of year, when the best comfort foods of all varieties come out. Yet as the weather dips below freezing, we especially turn to a seasonal favorite: soup.



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