Cannabis for the New Year

Now that we’re a year or two out from Michigan legalizing cannabis, the sky’s the limit.

There are fascinating, innovative products to excite even the most seasoned smoker, from tasty cannabis-infused beverages to smell-trapping bags and more. The scientists are hard at work in the lab cooking up all new kinds of highs for you to enjoy.

As we head into the new year, it’s a great time to try out new and unique products that make West Michigan one of the best places to be a cannabis lover. Here’s a few on our radar.

Michigrown The Ricci
Timber Cannabis Co.

Michigrown is a cannabis cultivation facility on the shores of Muskegon, going hard on the science to create the best of the best strains. They pick the best strains from around the country, then do all kinds of technical things I don’t understand to make it amazing. The Ricci is a strain gifted out of Colorado, described like this: “Strong resonating odor of cracked pepper, pine tar, and dough. During harvest our team’s eyes were burning and gloves were almost wet with oil, leaving everything in its path smelling like a spruce tree dipped in menthol.”

Jan22 Cannabis PublicThreadWeed Bags  |  Public Thread  |

This isn’t something you smoke, but rather, something to make your smoking experience — and life, in general — much easier! Public Thread’s bags are perfect for storing and even traveling with your stash because of how good they are at hiding the smell. Get either the cube or brick, depending on your storage situation, and take your dankest, stinkiest flower on a road trip.

Pure Options GMO  |

When you get a whiff of the incredibly distinctive odor of this strain, you understand where the name GMO — Garlic Mushroom and Onions — came from. Also sometimes called GMO Cookies or Garlic Cookies, it inherits its pungent aroma from its Chemdog parent, which was crossed with the classic Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Most consumers come to love the smell because they associate it with the incredibly positive full-body and mental relaxation it provides. Expect Pure comfort. 

Jan22 Cannabis FlureshFluresh Drink Enhancers  |

The beauty of Fluresh’s drink enhancers is that they go well in literally anything you already drink — except maybe tap water. This syrup-like potable mixes so well with drinks that Fluresh is regularly releasing cannabis “cocktail” recipes year-round, such as the Canna-berry, with cranberry juice, pineapple juice, nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice. Squirt in some Good Vibes for pure THC fun or use Chill Out for some calming CBD effects as well. Hot cocoa, chai tea, La Croix — it all works!

Element Pure Live
New Standard

Element is a multi Cannabis Cup-winning brand all about creating the highest quality cannabis concentrates possible, including their Pure Live vape cartridges. These contain 100% live resin concentrate and nothing else, with a full-spectrum experience. It’s the perfect way to get the strain you love in a super convenient, easily smokable form.

Jan22 Cannabis HappiHappi Sparkling Water
Redbud Roots

Until recently, Michigan’s THC beverage options were exclusively in the capable hands of Fluresh, but we’re happy to see some variety enter the mix with Happi in the market. Happi is like the flavored seltzer we’ve all fallen for over the past few years, but with THC in the mix. Grab a four-pack of Lemon Elderflower sparkling water from Redbud Roots for a refreshing drink with a light buzz and nearly no calories.

The Woods Reserve

The Woods Reserve is the top-shelf cannabis you’ve been waiting for, crafted with curation and time. These highly sought-after strains are hand-selected from exotic genetics for “the finest flower experience,” with dense nugs, vibrant terps, and big highs. Then they’re finished to perfection in an extended curation process. Find it in limited quantities at a number of dispensaries in West Michigan.

Jan22 Cannabis AirpodAiro Pods  |  Ascend  |

If you’re looking to step up your vape game, check out AiroPro Vaporizers. These high-performance, ceramic atomizers work with special Airo Pods that go above and beyond in terms of both THC and flavor. Ascend carries pods like Citrus Splash, which tastes like an explosion of lime and lemon while still getting you plenty high. Or try Berry Bliss, an indica with a the sweet taste of berries and whipped cream.