Cannabis Stocking Stuffers

More and more people are hopping on the cannabis bandwagon, which makes this the perfect time to stuff your loved one’s stockings with gifts that will make them feel extra, extra special.

Ryba’s Roots’ Mackinac Island Fudge - $14
Available at: Pincanna

This chocolate fudge is loaded with the flavor and creaminess you know and love from Ryba’s fudge and infused with the therapeutic benefits from Classic Root’s premium cannabis. This melt-in-your-mouth classic will transport any consumer straight to the island.

Tree House’s CBD Bath Bomb - $17
Available at: DOJA 

Made with premium CBD and essential oils, this CBD bath bombs relaxes and soothes. Each one has 250 mg of select CBD and coloring that doesn’t stain, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing experience any time of day. 

NOBO’s Spicy Jane Hot Sauce - $15
Available at: Lake Effect

Spice up your food in more ways than one with this THC-infused hot sauce. There’s 100mg of THC in a 30ml bottle, so just a dab will do ya! Great on wings and tacos.

Cannonymous’ Exploding Pot Rocks - $15
Available at: Lake Effect

Cannonymous’ newest addition to their incredible edibles: Pot Rocks! Infused with 100mg of THC and available in 3 flavors, these sweet treats are perfect for taking a small dose and enjoying the popping experience.

Glorious’s Diamond-Infused Pre-Rolls - $20
Available at: Nature’s ReLeaf

Looking for something a little more high-octane? These pre-rolls are infused with pure TCH diamonds to ramp up the smoking experience to the next level. Get these for someone who needs a big escape.

ErrlKing’s Dosidos x Cookies N Cream - $70
Available at: Green Koi

High quality cannabis flower and premium live resin concentrate rolled into one. This pack comes with 10 prerolls, each with .75g flower and .25g live resin. More importantly, it all comes in a collectable, Green Koi branded tin!

Michigan Organic Rub’s Coconut Chapstix - $6
Available at: DOJA 

This lip balm is fully medicated with 50 mg CBD, and 8 mg THC. You can both alleviate chapped lips and get some extra relief while you’re at it. “Go ahead, rub some MOR on it!”

Pharmhouse’s ChemDog D x Triangle Kush - $25
Available at: Pharmhouse Wellness

Grand Rapids only 100% locally owned and grown flower! Grown with love and intention in coco coir and mineral nutrients, under maximum efficiency LED, all plants were hand-watered and hand-crafted. And at $25 for 3.5g, it’s the best deal around.

Detroit Edibles’ Toasted Peanut Butter - $20
Available at: Lake Effect

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? It’s the ultimate comfort food and they just made it more comfortable by infusing it with distillate from Cannalicious Labs. This is infused with 200mg THC.

1906’s Go Drops - $25
Available at: Green Koi

These tiny little pills contain an optimal blend of plant medicines, caffeine, and cannabis to create an all-natural performance enhancer for brain and body. Go’s key ingredients increase blood flow to the brain and body in order to boost mental and physical energy and stamina.