Drink Up: Cannabis Beverages

In 2021, Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency decided that if we can eat and smoke THC, we should be able to drink it, too.

Since then, the cannabis beverage market has set up shop, with everything from seltzer to powders to drink infusions available now. Surely, there are many more innovative products to come, but we’re already off to a great start just one year in.

While edibles are a time-honored method for getting high, they take a while to kick in and tend to keep you there longer. Drinks, however, act faster thanks to biology. 

Edibles are metabolized by the liver, but beverages get to work the moment they enter your mouth, because water-soluble liquids are absorbed right into your bloodstream through the tissue of your mouth, esophagus and stomach. So if you often find yourself eating an edible, waiting an hour and wondering if it’s kicked in, beverages might be a better fit. 

Here are some of the great cannabis beverages on shelves around West Michigan right now:

Happi, happihourdrink.com

Available at: High Profile, Jars, Skymint, Gage, Curaleaf

Time for Happi hour! This stylish, cannabis-infused, gluten-free seltzer is essentially the White Claw of weed. At just a few calories per can and only 2.5 mg of THC, this is meant to be a very approachable, light drink that gives you a buzz without going overboard. 

We’ve tried the Lemon Elderflower, made with just six ingredients: carbonated water, real lemon juice, agave nectar, natural elderflower flavor, vitamin C and cannabis extract. That’s 15 calories and 3g of sugar.

According to Revue’s expert taste testers, the flavor and texture are very similar to a typical seltzer — effervescent, fruity, refreshing and light. If anything, the struggle here is to not drink through your four-pack too fast! The other two flavors so far are Raspberry Honeysuckle and the recently released Pomegranate Hibiscus. 

At 2.5 mg, one of these is enough to ease your anxiety and tickle you with happiness, without turning you catatonic like that “magic brownie”
you had  — or anywhere near it. You can have multiple of these throughout a beach hang or party, keeping your buzz up without going overboard. 

Dixie Elixirs, dixieelixirs.com

Available at: 3Fifteen, Fluresh, Lume, Meds Café, and others

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Happi, Dixie Elixirs provides 100 mg of THC in the same amount of liquid as one can of Happi. This is less like a seltzer and more like a powerful potion you’d have a witch brew you before going into battle — only in this case, the battle is on your couch, attempting to conquer a pile of snacks and the new season of Stranger Things

You certainly don’t have to drink all 100 mg at once, but reviews imply that it’s tempting not to down this fruity, syrupy concoction that somehow doesn’t taste like cannabis at all. Use the cap to measure out portion sizes and feel the effects hit fast. Dixie Elixirs are perfect for when you want to get high without smoking a ton of flower or eating a whole bag of edibles. 

A few of the flavors available here include Fruit Punch, Cherry Limeade and Berry Lemonade!

Select Squeeze, selectcannabis.com

Available at: Exclusive, Joyology, Pharmhouse and more

Maybe YOU want to make the beverage. Well, with Select Squeeze, you can infuse any beverage with THC. The water-soluble formula mixes perfectly with other beverages, whether you’re adding it to your water bottle, LaCroix or something else. It’s like MiO with THC!

Each pocket-size squeezer contains 100 mg of THC, but the self-measuring bottle offers a precise serving every time thanks to its 5 mg easy-dose reservoir. Pick from Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, Lemon Lime, or the simple Hint of Sweet.

Fluresh Drink Enhancers, fluresh.com

Available at: Fluresh, Exclusive, and more

Fluresh’s drink enhancers have been around basically since the provisioning center opened, offering a flavorless enhancer that blends with any beverage you like. We’ve mixed it into seltzers, juices, mocktails and even apple cider with great results every time.

Pick between Good Vibes (TCH only) or Chill Out (THC and CBD), then experiment with enhancing all your favorite drinks. Fast-acting, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and basically no calories — what more do you need?

WYNK Take Five, drinkwynk.com

Available at: Jars, Green Koi, Pure Options, Cloud Cannabis, and more

WYNK came on the scene with light, easy-to-drink seltzers home to 2.5 mg of THC and CBD each. They now have Take Five as well, with the same offerings but 5 mg of THC and CBD each. The combination of the two should help you find just the right amount of relaxation and keep you there for an hour or so.

These are true seltzers, with 0 calories and 0 grams of sugar. The only ingredients are carbonated water, natural flavors, cannabis extract and hemp extract. Try a few different flavors: Black Cherry Fizz, Lime Twist and Juicy Mango.

TONIC Infused Drinks, ptsillinois.com

Available at: Exclusive

Making use of something called “liposomal encapsulation technology,” TONIC is similar to Dixie Elixirs, being a potent little beverage that you can either sip on its own or mix in with other beverages. One 12 oz. bottle offers 100 mg of THC, with flavors ranging from Mandarin Orange to Cucumber Watermelon.