Get Baked: Cannabis Cookies & Chocolate

Edibles are so much more than a means to an end — they deserve to be savored, like dessert.

As much as we love gummies, the experts in the lab have been cooking (and baking) up sweet treats that take the edible experience to a new level. Cookies, chocolates, brownies and more adorn our dispensary shelves, offering a buffet of sweet ways to get high.

Cannabis products come and go like white squalls as brands continue to experiment and figure out what the people desire, but we’ve selected just a few stand-out edibles for those with a sweet tooth, and at least one shop where they’re available.

Shattered Thoughts
Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough

Find At: New Standard Saugatuck

Sometimes it’s best to cut out the middleman (the oven) and just dive straight into the dough. Shattered Thoughts has created four flavors of edible, shelf-stable cookie dough, including my personal favorite, snickerdoodle. One tub is 100mg of THC, so just try not to eat the whole thing at once.

Detroit Edibles Toasted Peanut Butter

Find At: Nature’s ReLeaf Leonard

When you want to truly enjoy your edible, not just consume it, this toasted peanut butter will get you toasted. Detroit Edibles partnered with Naturally Nutty to create a totally vegan, all natural peanut butter infused with cannabis. Put it on toast, pancakes, bananas, celery, whatever your heart and stomach desire — all the versatility of peanut butter with all the fun of cannabis.

TreeTown Brownie Square

Find At: Pharmhouse Wellness

For decades, “special brownies” have been the classic edible, made at home with love and a bit of guesswork. Ann Arbor-based TreeTown is bringing the love to you with these big brownie squares with 100mg of THC. This medicated classic was made for dark chocolate lovers — crispy on the outside and cakey on the inside. Made in small batches from scratch, TreeTown says these “are the closest thing to homemade brownies on the market.”

Noble Road Chocolate Chip Cookies

Find At: 3Fifteen Division

Everyone loves cookies, and these chocolate chip cookies from Noble Road cut out all of the math and baking of creating your own special cookies. Gone are the days of taking a few bites and waiting to see what happens — each cookie has 10mg of THC. These edibles are made by mixing sweet cream butter with cannabis flower, creating a full-spectrum experience that includes all the cannabinoids and terpenes you could ask for.

RAIR Dark Chocolate Cherry

Find At: RAIR

Not only does RAIR use high-quality ingredients, but they’re committed to ensuring their edibles are homogenized, meaning each serving is sure to be accurately dosed every time. However, what you’re really here for is the flavor, and these dark chocolate cherry bites don’t disappoint. This decadent, melt-in-your-mouth, infused chocolate tastes gourmet, and it only gets better after you’ve had a couple. 

Choice Labs Cookies & Cream Bites

Find At: Joyology Grand Rapids

Like your Oreos extra stuffed? Imagine an Oreo coated in cream, not to mention infused with cannabis. These bites from Choice Labs pack a full-spectrum punch with a full spectrum of flavor. 

Mojo Hazelnut Chocolate Bites

Find At: New Standard Saugatuck

Sweet, salty, nutty, cannabis — what more can you ask for? These hazelnut chocolate bites don’t taste even a bit like weed, but the sativa is there nonetheless. 

Kaneh Co Red Velvet Cookies

Find At: Cloud Cannabis Muskegon

Kaneh Co creates all kinds of deliciously sweet mini cookies, including these rich red velvet cookies with hints of cocoa and tons of white chocolate chips. They’re just like grandma’s! Okay, maybe a little different.

Kiva Churro Milk Chocolate

Find At: Joyology Grand Rapids

What’s this — a simple milk chocolate bar? No! Dusted in cinnamon sugar, this sweetly satisfying milk chocolate bar tastes like a golden, fried churro dipped in delicious hot chocolate. Kiva’s cold water extract process preserves the terpenes for a full spectrum, whole-plant cannabis experience, not to mention providing a “superior” taste that both chocolate and cannabis connoisseurs will love. ν