Going Soft: Cannabis Gummies in West Michigan

You know times are changing when a word gains new meaning, and “gummy” is the latest example of that.

Gummies have become practically synonymous with edibles. The soft, chewy, bouncy texture is comforting in a way, and it’s easy to hide the taste of cannabis behind bold fruity and sour flavors. Plus, gummies hold up well in both high heat and freezing cold, unlike most food and drinks. What a genius invention!

Weed gummies are a neat little treat that anyone can enjoy, and the industry has already been around long enough in Michigan that we’re seeing some interesting new flavors and concepts delivered via gummy. 

So here are just a few of the dozens — if not hundreds — of cannabis-infused gummies available out there in West Michigan. Take your pick and get chewin’.

Wana: Michigan Sunrise Quick Gummies  |  Available at: Pincanna

Wana is one of the biggest gummy makers out there, and that’s because they’ve perfected the craft. Check out their new “quick” gummies that set in much faster. Inspired by a tequila sunrise, this flavor has citrusy notes of orange with a pop of tart cherry.

Wyld: Marionberry Gummies  |  Available at: Pincanna

Wyld has come on the scene in a big way recently, offering everything from CBD seltzers at the grocery store to wild-berry gummies at dispensaries. Where else will you find an all-natural huckleberry or marionberry gummy?

ErrlKing: Pineapple Crunch  |  Available at: Green Koi

If you love Nerds Ropes, these are the gummies for you. The gummies are accompanied with the crunch of something like Nerds, and made with full-spectrum live resin.

Fireball Gummies  |  Available at: Green Koi

The official cannabis product of Fireball Whisky! These sativa gummies use the same fiery flavoring of Fireball — hot and spicy, made to lift you up.

MKX: XXtra Strength Chronic Cherry  |  Available at: Joyology

With 20mg of THC in each piece, these boldly flavored cherry gummies can work with even the strongest of tolerances. MKX is the number one gummy brand in the state for good reason!

TreeTown: Euphoria Melon  |  Available at: Pharmhouse Wellness

These gummies are 10mg of THC and 5mg of CBD, creating a perfectly euphoria inducing buzz that doesn’t take you too far. Even the gummies themselves are so soft, with such a mellow flavor, the relaxing effect is almost instant.

Mitten Extracts: Strawberry  |  Available at: Body and Mind Dispensary

Packed with sweet, juicy berry flavor and made in Detroit, these local (well, on the east side at least) gummies are proud to be from the Mitten!

Kushy Punch: Strawberry  |  Available at: JARS

This is Kushy Punch’s top-selling product. “Our succulent strawberry flavor is perfectly blended with our earthy, potent full-spectrum oil, giving you a great taste and a rich high that truly stands out from other edibles.”

Camino: Pineapple Habanero  |  Available at: Exclusive, High Society, Curaleaf

Camino means “road” in Spanish, and these gummies will take you on the high road. Pineapple habanero? No one’s doing it like Camino, with these cute little gummies that pack a punch of flavor and heat.