Love On High: Cannabis Date Ideas

For decades, date nights have been depicted as a glass of wine, a steak dinner and a box of chocolates—that was before cannabis came along.

Nowadays, romance can mean popping gummies and watching a dumb movie, or rolling a joint by hand and smoking it together before ordering pizza delivery. It’s less about putting on a show and more about getting comfy and finding peace with each other.

So if you and your loved one are 4/20 friendly, here are a few ideas for spending a unique Valentine’s Day (or any other evening) together.

Enjoy Local Cannabis Events

Cannabis intake at social events is now legal in Michigan (when properly licensed), and it’s time to start taking advantage of that. While we aren’t sure what’s on the slate for February, some recent events include an Infused Cooking Class at Horizen Hydroponics, a “grass-rooted” sound bath at The Grand Rapids Yoga Company, and a Puff-n-Paint experience at Higher Perceptions Art studio. 

Elevated Yoga 

You don’t have to wait for a cannabis yoga class to pop up in town—do it yourself! While it’s probably not a great idea to get high and head to a hot yoga class, we suggest picking out a relaxing strain at your local dispensary and putting on a YouTube session (such as Yoga With Adriene) at home. Doing yoga with your loved one is relaxing, great for bonding, and sometimes full of giggles.

Cooking with Cannabis

Once you’ve learned how to cook with cannabis, it’s a great way to take your meals to the next level. Make a special meal just for your loved one using cannabis butter made from local flower, then you’ll both enjoy dessert even more once you’re riding high.

Record Night

Get high with your favorite local product and then sit back and put on some vinyl bought from a shop like Vertigo or Corner Record Shop. Don’t have a record player? No worries—head to Spotify and search for “Revue Road Trip Playlist” to find an easygoing, but adventurous mix of pure West Michigan music.

Movie Night

While we never recommend getting too high to function and going out in public, what we can recommend is taking some mellow edibles and getting a ride to your favorite theater for a transportive experience like Avatar in IMAX 3D. Just don’t fall asleep in the big heated recliners! 

Play a Smoking Game

Drinking games are out, smoking games are in. As long as your tolerance can handle it, try playing a game like Never Have I Ever or Cheers to the Governor, but with light puffs on the vape pen instead of shots of liquor. The game may not last long, but it’s fun to watch how it devolves as everyone ascends.

Try Out THC Lubricant

That’s right, they make THC and CBD lube. The intention isn’t to get you high per se, but to enjoy the relaxing and calming effects of cannabis. You can get Sundara THC Lubricant at Joyology in Grand Rapids if you want to bring your love life to the next level, or start with something less explicit, like the medicated body rubs from Chill Medicated. Give your partner a nice pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory massage to set the mood, and hopefully we don’t have to tell you what to do next.

Tour a Cannabis Farm

Many couples prefer to get out and do something unique together for their dates, and one option new to Michigan is touring a cannabis farm. While many local production facilities would likely say yes to a supervised tour if you ask nicely, one spot already offering it is IndiGrow in Muskegon. Their whole business model is built around having you come in, see where the product is grown up close and personal, and then buy some to take home. Now that’s intimate.