New Standard: A Field Guide to Cannabis Shopping

At New Standard, we believe the more you know about cannabis, the more there is to enjoy. 

Aka bud, is the sticky and trichome-heavy part of a female cannabis plant. It’s what you grind up and smoke in your favorite pipe, bowl, or bong. Flower is what you roll into a joint or use to make canna-butter for cooking. New Standard carries a wide variety of flower from cultivators across Michigan. We also grow high-quality flower — Beaverton Farms is our house brand. Look for Orange Cream and Lemon Dosido #9.

Indica or Sativa?

Sigh. We can’t say this enough, flower is all about the terpenes and your smell and taste preferences, not Indica or Sativa. Strains labeled Indica have more dense concentrations of the terpenes myrcene and humulene, which are peppery, piney and a little like beer or lemongrass. It’s myrcene that gives Indica plants their relaxing, sleepy reputation. 

Sativa plants tend to have more herbal, and sweet-smelling terpenes, and the most common terpenes in Sativa are pinene and limonene, which are also piney, minty or citrusy and uplifting, as you’d expect.

But like most things cannabis, hybrids rule. Cultivators have been creating genetic modifications for decades, and it’s all about finding a strain that you like the smell, taste and effect.

Live Resin Options

A vape cart is an option for people who like consuming cannabis but aren’t keen on all-out smoking, and there’s a difference between the carts we offer. If you’re looking for a health benefit from a cart, you’ll need to find a live resin cart. Most carts have everything stripped out of them in processing—all that’s left is the THC, which is excellent if you want to get high. But if you desire a more favorable effect from your cart, live resin processing is the way to go. New Standard has more than a dozen live resin carts to choose from.

Edibles for All!

Cannabis edibles are popular for their convenience, taste, and measured dose. They’re concocted with either cannabis butter or distillate, and those crazy sour flavors are designed to cover up a bit of bitterness found in the distillate. 

New Standard carries gummies in .5 to 10mg doses along with baked goods, chocolates, truffles and other tasty confections.  

New nano processing has created more fast-acting edibles; the hour wait for the effect to kick in is reduced to 15 minutes with the fast-acting gummies. So ask for them next time you’re at your favorite New Standard.

Stores Where You Are

New Standard stores are located across West Michigan and on the Eastside of Michigan. We’ve carefully curated an exceptional shopping experience where you feel welcome, have a wide selection of product choices, and a team of budtenders and staff who know and understand our cannabis products. 

See us in Muskegon at New Standard Park Place, Nunica at New Standard Exit 9, and our New Standard stores in Saugatuck, Sand Lake, Edmore, Grand Haven, Ann Arbor and Hazel Park. Coming soon to Whitehall and Grand Rapids.