Talking Shops

You can’t turn a corner without bumping into a cannabis provisioning center these days.

Also known as dispensaries, these storefronts have been opening doors rapidly ever since recreational marijuana was legalized. Even for someone like me who tries to keep track of it all, keeping up with all the new shops can be hard. And what separates one store from another?

When picking the provisioning center for you, keep in mind a few factors: culture, price, quality, reviews, location, product offerings, etc. Some of this stuff takes time and experience to sort out, however, so you may need to shop around before landing on a favorite.

Personally, I frequent multiple stores in the area for various needs — sometimes I’m looking for a sweet deal, other times I want the best flower around, and occasionally I just want to drive the shortest distance possible. 

To help get you started on the road to success, here’s our guide to just a few of the many provisioning centers in town. If your favorite isn’t on this list, don’t take it personally — we only have so much space, after all!

For a Bold Experience

New Standard  |  Multiple locations  |

As the name implies, New Standard’s focus is on elevating the customer experience. Instead of making their own product, New Standard provides the best offerings from around the state.  That means providing a bold, impressive space with places to learn, relax and feel comfortable. It’s the futurism and education of an Apple store mixed with the comfort and community of a lounge. 

For the Loyal Shopper

Lume  |  Multiple locations  |

If you’re the kind of person to buy a Mug Club membership, Lume might just the shop for you. With a focus on extraordinarily friendly service, Lume is all about building lasting connections. You can walk in a total newbie and quickly become a lifelong customer, especially thanks to a great loyalty program — the Lume Cannabis Club — and super stylish merch. 

For the Feeler

Fluresh  |  1213 Phillips Ave. SW, Grand Rapids  |

Fluresh has been working hard to make quality product that anyone can understand. Do you want to feel uplifted and social? Get the WiFi. Maybe deadline is coming up and you need to feel energized and focused: Chernobyl is here for you. Or you want to feel “chill and euphoric” — try the GG4. It’s all clearly labeled in dapper packaging, as foolproof as can be. 

For the Connoisseur

Rair  |  Multiple locations  |

To be clear, Rair is not stuck-up in any way. But for a connoisseur who wants some of the most unique, clean, high-quality product around, Rair is an obvious choice. Grown entirely with aeroponics, the flower here is dirt-free and shines with terpenes. Plus, the edibles are homogenized, and the live resin vapes are tasty and effective. I could go on, but why don’t you just smoke it for yourself? 

For the Hometown Hero

Pharmhouse Wellness  |  831 Wealthy St. SW, Grand Rapids  |

Pharmhouse is Grand Rapids' only fully local provisioning center, which alone is a great reason to support them. They use their position to help improve the community, including public art projects, tree planting, equitable hiring, donations, and soon growing their own product. The offerings are great too, of course. This is your friendly neighborhood dispensary.

For the Patient

Olswell Cannabis Co.  |  1940 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids  |

If you’re serious about using cannabis as medicine, Olswell is the place for you. This medical provision center goes all-in on employee training and cannabis education, dispelling myths and working with you to find the products that fit. Recreational product is likely coming soon, but either way, Olswell is aiming to “help usher in a new era of professionalism.” 

For the Pleasureseeker

Joyology  |  Multiple locations  |

Happiness permeates every aspect of Joyology. The store design, marketing, website and more are all meant to help you feel carefree and comfortable, in pursuit of “the science of happiness.” If you want a shop that looks, feels and smells great, Joyology is the place for you.

For the Homebody

3Fifteen  |  Multiple locations  |

While 3Fifteen does indeed offer a nice in-store experience, they’re also known for free delivery, with no minimums. Between that, Club315 and constant deals, this is the perfect place to find exactly what you need at home and have it brought to you. 

For the Deal Chaser

Exclusive Cannabis  |  Multiple locations  |

Let’s be honest: Many of us are just looking for the best deal. Exclusive makes that easy, rolling out a new menu of deals every week. At the time of writing this, Cannalicious Concentrates are 35% off, while Errlking Vape Cartridges are four for $100. Getting quality product at a great price? Hard to compete with that.