What Live Resin Is and Why It's the Coveted Cannabis Concentrate Choice

Among the plethora of cannabis concentrates, you might have heard of sugars, waxes, badders, shatters and live resin. While wading through this sea of names, Double Bear is here to guide you through everything cannabis concentrates. Today, we’re exploring premium live resin.

Live resin is a pure and potent cannabis product that is a chameleon within the industry. It camouflages within numerous cannabis products through a variety of methods. This malleable concentrate is infused in edibles, liquified for vapes, scooped in dab rigs, sprinkled on bowls or coated to create infused joints.

Using “flash-frozen” cannabis as opposed to dried or cured flower, live resin is the mystical maven among concentrates. Cannabis cryotherapy is necessary to extract live resin. Flower is flash-frozen to preserve the flower’s “live” properties including terpenes and cannabinoid content. Following this cold flower therapy, there is a multi-step, complex process involving a closed loop extraction so that no plant matter is wasted.

Although all live resins take a similar path to fruition, there are some procedural discrepancies that differentiate one live resin from another. For instance, all Double Bear live resin is sourced from our garden, since both our grow and labs are under the same roof and share the same house. From soil to oil, we maintain quality control. We subscribe to this “farm to table” process since we know live resin retains the original plant’s flavor profile. As a result, premium flower yields premium live resin.

Our live resin also spends less than 10 minutes at room temperature after being harvested before it’s placed in a sub-zero freezer. Time spent in ambient temperature undermines the flash-frozen process and begins oxidizing the flower, rendering a less potent and flavorful resin. Time out of the cold depletes the life out of live resin.

In conjunction with operating within a sub-zero freezer to maintain freezing temperatures, we utilize a -80 degree solvent. Incorporating sub-zero solvents means that less plant material is extracted while also homogenizing the mixture. The combination of sub-zero temperatures and solvents amplifies the gentle process that preserves monoterpenes you love, such as limonene, terpinolene and linalool. These ambrosial compounds are responsible for the lighter, efflorescent aromas in the cannabis plant. The Double Bear live resin extraction process concludes with a more terpene-rich product and smoother smoking experience.

In order to maintain sub-zero temperatures at every stage of the process, Double Bear live resin is all extracted in an American-made closed loop system. This ensures the utmost safety for our operations as well as ensuring that we preserve the most terpenes, resulting in a high-quality, potent and tasty product for Double Bear consumers.

We care a lot about our proprietary process and the quality product it produces. You should too, because the care producers put into their product affects how you, the consumer, enjoy it. Next time you’re shopping for anything with live resin in it, check to see where the flower is sourced and what strain is selected. Even easier, just stick with Double Bear products because you’ll enjoy a superior product that harnesses the Power of Science and Flower.

Next time you’re at your local dispensary, look for Double Bear’s high quality live resin curated for customers and patients. You can also hang out with us online at https://www.terrapincarestation.com/michigan and @doublebearco.