Bunny Terwee & Margaret Farrell Talk Inspiration & ArtPrize

West Michigan-based artists Bunny Terwee and Margaret Farrell are both set for this year’s ArtPrize. Terwee’s “ALL ABOUT THE LINES” and Farrell’s “Jeison” will be featured at One Trick Pony (136 Fulton St. E, Grand Rapids) during the competition.

Can you walk us through your entry for ArtPrize this yea

The watercolor painting was inspired by the form and reflection of lines in nature’s design. My mainstay is larger-than-life flowers.

Margaret: My entry is a photo realism rendering using graphite. It’s titled “Jeison,” after the name of the boy in the drawing. My sister, Laura Farrell, went on a service trip three years ago to the Dominican Republic to help work at an orphanage. While she was there, she took amazing photos. I was deeply inspired by this particular photo due to the captivated look on Jeison’s face.

What inspired you to go into art?

My love of drawing and the need to capture so many different images is what inspires my love of art.

Margaret: After high school I attended Muskegon Community College and that is where I found [the] window to make art my career — my professors there really inspired me …. (then) I was introduced to Kendall College of Art and Design.

What does art mean to you?

Art to me is losing myself in a subject that I am drawing and painting. Time stands still while drawing and I lose track of where I am. Reality no longer exists during the process.

Margaret: Art to me is all about self expression. I create art because that is my way of communication and [self expression]. I am able to get my thoughts, feelings and ideas down on paper and create something beautiful. Everything is open ended. There is art I love and there is art that I do not love, but I am able to appreciate it and try to understand it. In the end, art is never wrong.