If you’re human, eating and drinking are a big part of your daily life.

If you’re not human, please write in so we can update our reader demographics.

Our annual Dining & Drinking issue is tasked with diving deep into the local restaurant and bar scene, which is a tall order to fill when you have so many amazing options across all of West Michigan.

This year, we take a look at Revue’s “Must Eats,” the places we think all visitors, new arrivals and locals alike need to try at some point. The list includes everything from takeout joints to fancy dinners and breakfast nooks. On the flipside, we shine a spotlight on Hidden Gems around town—feel free to let us know which ones we missed!

For the drinking side of things, we focus on classic bars (over the breweries, distilleries and wineries you’ll find in other issues). Check out Behind the Bar to hear from local bartenders about what they both love and dread when slinging drinks for us. And if you’re planning a day on the town, check out our Choose Your Own Adventure guide to find neighborhoods perfect for bar-hopping.

We also have our first ever Coffee + Tea spotlight, rounding up just a few excellent spots to cozy up with a steeped drink and read/work/socialize/stare off into the distance (my personal favorite things to do at a coffee shop).

You’ll also find plenty of great things to do in the pages ahead, whether it’s rafting with our new Get Out! column, Sum 41’s show at GLC Live this month, or Broadway’s To Kill A Mockingbird coming to town.

If you became a homebody in the past few years, I totally understand—it’s so nice to be horizontal. But I promise you, being home is much more satisfying when you’ve spent some time out and about. So try out a new restaurant, grab a drink at your local dive, then head home and embrace your couch like a long lost friend. You won’t regret it.

'Til next time,

Josh Veal, Managing Editor

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