Summer has arrived and Michigan is in its prime.

These next few months will fly by as calendars quickly fill up with parties, festivals and trips. We’re here to help with the details, offering our guides on outdoor adventures, fun with the family, and things to do with your friends, if you’re a 30-something who loves to play games and solve puzzles like me.

This issue also features our first-ever Pride spotlight, which is long overdue but comes with the ever-growing acceptance in culture and the fact more people than ever are openly exploring and celebrating their gender and sexuality—as evidenced by the many new Pride festivals around West Michigan!

We take a look at those festivals and what to expect there, as well as the few but proud gay bars in town, and make sure to read our Q&A with local drag queen La Reine Divine, who’s been performing for nearly a decade. Here’s to a future where people feel safe and fulfilled discovering their true selves, whatever that looks like.

We’re very fortunate to have interviews with two incredible queer artists this month as well: Chappell Roan, who’s been on an absolute rocketship to success, and Orville Peck, who’s been navigating his own unique identity and image over the years.

And as we enter summer, don’t forget about the opportunities that only come around this time of year, including certain arts organizations like Barn Theatre and Circle Theatre who consistently put on top-tier productions. Check out our conversations with them to see what’s hitting the stage.

Whether you spend this sunny season relaxing and getting some rest or going out and living life to its fullest, we just hope you support local businesses and people, and do so with love and patience.

'Til next time,

Josh Veal, Managing Editor

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