WEEKEND WARRIOR: A rundown of the weekend for theater nerds

This week, Barbara the web minion is focusing in on all the great theater action going on around West Michigan. Whether you want to get into the Christmas spirit, or just enjoy some classical performances, she has you covered.

1. Sound of Music

Are your hills alive with the sound of music? Everyone needs a lil’ 'Do-Re-Mi' in their life, and it’s impossible NOT to feel happy when you see this timeless classic.

So, if you want a little 'Ti' with your 'La', then say Auf Wiedersehen to your nice comfy couch. This weekend, come out to see the Von Trapps bring the sound of music to life at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre in downtown Grand Rapids. It’s not necessarily a Christmas classic, but it does have the classic “Favorite Things” Christmas song in it, so that kinda counts right? Besides, there will be plenty of Christmas stuff to do later. Come see a non-holiday classic before every weekend is completely taken over with ooey-gooey Christmas spirit.

2. Grand Rapids Symphony presents Nestlé Gerber Holiday Pops

I tried to get you guys the hook-up with the free Nutcracker showing at Hope College this weekend, but (big surprise) tickets are sold out. However, there is still hope for some holiday fun. There may not be any graceful dancers in tight leotards to flow with the music, but I’m sure you will want to get up and dance yourself when you hear all the Christmas favorites here!

Come see the Grand Rapids Symphony this weekend, at the DeVos Performance Hall in downtown Grand Rapids. Get a lil’ wild — bring a Santa hat and maybe some mistletoe in case you meet a potential Mrs. Claus…who knows? Christmas is the true season for love. But if not, at least you got your holiday jams, right?

3. Peter Pan

If some strange boy came to your window and asked you to fly away with him … wouldn’t you be kinda creeped out? But, lucky for Wendy, Wonderland is real. Just add being able to fly, and do some kick-ass sword-fighting against scurvy pirates and I’d jump out of a window with a strange boy, too!

You don’t have to rely on some stranger to whisk you away, you can just come to the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre this weekend, in Kalamazoo. It may not be the classic Disney movie you watched as a kid — it’s better! Now, you can watch them fly for (almost) real!

4. A Christmas Carol

I am the ghooooost of Christmas…seasooooon and I am here to tell you to go to the Christmas Carol play this weekend! If you don’t…there will be graaaave consequences…like…um…well, missing out on the best Christmas classic ever!

But seriously, no one likes a scrooge, unless of course, it’s the nice scrooge at the end. Come see the heart-warming tale this weekend at The New Vic Theatre, in Kalamazoo. Guaranteed to make you all warm and fuzzy inside — and possibly paranoid of getting a ghostly visitor.

5. Phantom of the Opera

Everyone who thinks Gerard Butler is hot say: 'I'! Sadly, he is NOT the Phantom in this non-film rendition. Extreme sad face. But I am sure the guy playing the Phantom is very Phantom-y still, if not quite the hunky man that the famous Scottish actor is. But, this is such a hugely epic classic that I am sure any rendition is bound to satisfy.

So, if you are looking for yet another non-holiday show to attend, then come see it at the Holland High School Performing Arts Center. You can never go wrong with The Phantom of the Opera.