7th Annual Best of the West: Music

Even in what feel like more uncertain times than ever, that old cliché of “the more things change, the more they stay the same” definitely applies to the many repeat favorites in our Music categories during this year’s Best of the West. 

Despite emerging from a global pandemic, and persevering through rising gas prices and unprecedented inflation, both our Best Cover Band and Best Music Venue categories featured the same top three finalists as last year, with Brena returning as your favorite cover act, and The Intersection rising up to the top spot as the most beloved venue for the first time in our seven-year competition. 

A cornerstone in our community, The Intersection is having its best year ever, as is last year’s winner The Pyramid Scheme, who placed third this time around. The recently renamed GLC Live at 20 Monroe was sold to new ownership earlier this year, and had several shows canceled and rescheduled, but stands ready for a strong return heading into the fall. 

The biggest changes to our results this year came in both of the original music categories. For Original Band, longtime GR jam band Desmond Jones topped the list, edging out both cover band winner Brena, and last year’s original band winner Overdrive Orchestra. The band hadn’t ever placed in the top three in any of our previous years, proving that despite the many favorites appearing here again and again, anything is possible in our local music community. 

Likewise in the Original Solo Musician results, Lady Ace Boogie returned to the number one spot for the first time since 2018, following the release of what will hopefully no longer be her final album, “That’s All For Now,” back in 2020. She’s followed by last year’s winner Chris Cranick, frontman for Overdrive Orchestra, and Patty PerShayla, who just left West Michigan and moved down to Nashville, like past Best of the West powerhouse, and now wildly acclaimed superstar Billy Strings. 

So how do we shake things up next year? Should we bring back our Best DJ or Best Music Festival categories to reflect more of the rising EDM scene here, or other iconic annual events shaping our music calendar? Should we spotlight more of the newer and smaller venues and other unique spaces hosting live music in our area? Should we include even more original bands and solo musicians in our pages, or profile cover bands cranking out your favorite tunes night after night? Let us know, so we can keep giving you more of what you love, and help you discover new favorites every month. 


Brena, 1st


Funkle Jesse, 2nd

Project 90, 3rd


The Intersection, 1st


GLC Live at 20 Monroe, 2nd

Pyramid Scheme, 3rd


Desmond Jones, 1st


Brena, 2nd

Overdrive Orchestra, 3rd


Lady Ace Boogie, 1st


Chris Cranick, 2nd

Patty PerShayla, 3rd


Vertigo, 1st


Corner Record Store, 2nd

Dodd’s Record Shop, 3rd