Cannabis Gift Guide

Chances are, at this point, you have at least one person in your life who would love to get anything cannabis related as a gift.

You could go the traditional route of buying some high-quality flower—let’s be honest, your friend might be going for the cheap stuff—but there are a dozen other ways to enjoy cannabis nowadays, not to mention the fun accessories and apparel that come with the hobby. 

Need some help? Here are just a few possibilities for the “tree hugger” in your life: 

Rosie 420 Rolling Tray  |  Available at: Fluresh

Whether it’s for ash or rolling joints, every smoker needs a stylish tray in their life. This one from Fluresh has a modern version of Rosie the Riveter on it, offering words of encouragement whenever you look her way. “You can smoke it!” Yes, you certainly can. 

OG Black Stash Jar   |  Available at: House of Dank

Cannabis is notoriously smelly, and the packaging isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing, so it’s good to have a place to keep your stash. This jar from House of Dank is classic, simple, and solid, fitting in with just about any home décor.

Fast Acting THC CheeseBalls  |  Available at: Pharmhouse Wellness

Pharmhouse is perhaps most known for being entirely local and growing some high quality flower for a very affordable price. However, you might be looking for something especially fun and unique for your gift, in which case we recommend these baked THC CheeseBalls, which also come in Flaming Hot, of course.

Funky-uns  |  Available at: Pincanna

For another snack food option, check out these Funyun-inspired onion snack rings from Funky Extracts. Crunchy, savory, and infused with 200 mg of THC throughout the pack. Now that’s how you get a party started without any smoke.

Love Supreme Craft Cannabis  |  1925 Century Ave. SW, Grand Rapids

If you want to gift the smoker in your life some high-quality flower, it’s hard to do better than a microbusiness—growers who produce everything on the same site as the storefront, and don’t sell anyone else’s products. Head into Love Supreme for a deli-style experience will budtenders will guide you to the perfect gift.

IndiGrow  |  639 W. Clay Ave., Muskegon

If you’re out on the lakeshore, you’ll find another great microbusiness: IndiGrow. With a huge focus on supporting and growing the community, IndiGrow offers tours through the facility, a space to smoke outside, and most of all: Premium products at a reasonable price, from flower to vape carts, edibles and concentrates.

Escape Artists THC Relief Cream  |  Available at: JARS Cannabis

Maybe your giftee is just looking to dip their toes into the world of cannabis. If so, consider a topical that won’t get them high, like this THC Relief Cream from Escape Artists. Each jar has 800 mg of CBD and 40 mg of THC, along with the restorative properties of camphor and menthol. Everyone has muscle and joint pains, so this is a sure bet.

Pineapple Wake and Bake Mug  |  Available at: Ascend

For the stoner who has everything, get them something extra fun and one-of-a-kind. There are plenty of huge, wacky bongs out there (the Rick and Morty market is massive), but you might want to keep it simple with this mug that also acts as a functioning bowl, so you friend can get their coffee and cannabis buzzes at the same time.