Managing the Munchies

So, you’ve got the munchies! Now what? To begin with, you might be wondering what exactly the munchies are.

Scientifically speaking, it likely has to do with THC interacting with ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite. Other studies suggest it’s more to do with the enhanced smell and taste that come with THC, leading to stronger cravings. Either way, it’s certainly a common phenomenon.

If you’re prepared for it, the munchies can be a true delight, a chance to enjoy snacks on another level. If you’re not ready, however, you might find yourself putting together some mindboggling food combinations that result in gastrointestinal regret. Or, if you’re like me, you might find yourself going to town on snacks nearly every night.

Either way, we’re here to help, with suggestions for what to eat when you do have the munchies, as well as how to curb them.


Establish a meal schedule. This is good advice for anyone, but the better you are about eating regularly every day, the less likely you are to have random moments of hunger. If you skipped a meal, those munchies are going to hit a lot harder, which you don’t want happening regularly.

Keep yourself busy. If you’re sitting on the couch high, doing nothing but scrolling your phone or watching old episodes of Hey Arnold, the snack craving has a much higher chance of dominating your brain. Keep yourself busy with hobbies (games, painting, crossword, etc.) or conversation!

Choose a different strain. Certain strains will give you the munchies every time, while high-CBD and high-THCV strains like Durban Poison or Ringo’s Gift help suppress the munchies by leaning on other cannabinoids besides plain ol’ THC. Ask your budtender for guidance!

Switch the snacks. My ultimate munchies hack isn’t to empty the house of food, but to fill it with healthy options. Believe it or not, THC doesn’t only enhance Pizza Rolls! It also makes hummus better, and carrots, and guacamole, and kale chips, and kim chi, and just about everything else you can imagine. 

Exercise first. Yes, working out will increase your appetite, but if your real concern here is just that you’re getting sedentary and falling into unhealthy habits, exercise will certainly help with that. Working out will always help you be more aware of your body. 

Get minty. Not too many of us crave snacks after brushing our teeth or chewing gum. Simply get some mint in your mouth and you won’t want a big bite of pizza anymore.

Wait it out. If you go to bed sober and hungry, you’ll likely wake up very hungry. Not so with the munchies, which fade over time. Go to bed with the munchies, and you’ll wake up feeling normal and on your typical meal schedule. Eat a big meal before bed, however, and you’ll certainly feel it in the morning. 


Have the munchies and want to take advantage of it? Ignore everything we said before. Here are some ideas for local munch-worthy eats:

Grand Coney

809 Michigan St. NE, Grand Rapids

Grand Coney is open 24/7, which means you can get a bunch of hot dogs, deep fried pickles, mac and cheese bites, and so much more—whenever you want! Get a designated driver to bring you in or order for delivery with Doordash.

One Stop Coney

154 Fulton St., Grand Rapids

While not open late, if you’re planning to wake and bake or have an afternoon sesh, plan on One Stop for big eats like a spicy grilled cheese, a Korean corndog, and chili cheese fries.

Mitten Brewing Co.

527 Leonard St. NW, Grand Rapids

It’s hard to choose just one meal when you’re high, so head to The Mitten Brewing Co. instead for a pizza flight and get six different slices to enjoy.

Social Misfits

43 W. Fulton St., Grand Rapids

Churro waffles, ramen waffles, waffles and fried chicken—Social Misfits has a creative menu full of the kinds of concoctions you’d whip up in the kitchen at 11 p.m., except they do it much better (no offense). 

Crow’s Nest

816 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazooo

Crow’s Nest is one of those places that has something from everyone, from the tried and true classics to unique comfort food like The Skippy, a grilled cheese with Havarti, provolone, goat cheese, sauteed onion, and honey drizzle.

Bad Habit 

215 Washington Ave., Grand Haven

The name tells you exactly what to expect: extremely indulgent milkshakes and waffle cones. Consider the Day Dreamer, made with strawberry drizzle, powdered donuts, cotton candy, whipped cream, vanilla frosting and a “unicorn bark rim.”