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Love On High: Cannabis Date Ideas

Written by Josh Veal | Monday, 13 February 2023 13:54 |

For decades, date nights have been depicted as a glass of wine, a steak dinner and a box of chocolates—that was before cannabis came along.

From Seed to Sale: IndiGrow

Written by Josh Veal | Monday, 16 January 2023 10:51 |

It’s not often you get the opportunity to see every stage of a product’s life cycle, from seed all the way to sale, but that’s what IndiGrow has to offer.

Cannabis Stocking Stuffers

Written by Josh Veal | Sunday, 13 November 2022 14:55 |

More and more people are hopping on the cannabis bandwagon, which makes this the perfect time to stuff your loved one’s stockings with gifts that will make them feel extra, extra special.

Cannabis vs. Alcohol

Written by Josh Veal | Monday, 24 October 2022 09:34 |

The relationship between cannabis and alcohol is often portrayed as a sort of battle.

Going Soft: Cannabis Gummies in West Michigan

Written by Josh Veal | Monday, 19 September 2022 11:37 |

You know times are changing when a word gains new meaning, and “gummy” is the latest example of that.

Green Dreams: Cannabis + Sleep

Written by Josh Veal | Monday, 15 August 2022 10:46 |

More and more people are turning to cannabis to help with physical and psychological issues, including one of the biggest parts of any human’s life: Sleep.

Drink Up: Cannabis Beverages

Written by Josh Veal | Monday, 25 July 2022 11:15 |

In 2021, Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency decided that if we can eat and smoke THC, we should be able to drink it, too.

The Fight for Accountability: Cannabis Equity in West Michigan

Written by Josh Veal | Monday, 20 June 2022 12:27 |

When voters decided to legalize adult-use cannabis in 2018, the hope was that this would be a progressive shift forward, a brand-new market created from the ground up that could build social equity into the very system.

Talking Terpenes

Written by Josh Veal | Monday, 18 April 2022 14:02 |

Sativa, indica, THC percentage—these common frameworks are not the best way to think about cannabis. More and more cannabis companies are pushing for people to understand that terpenes and cannabinoids really make the difference.

Cannabis Q&As

Written by Revue Staff | Monday, 28 March 2022 12:52 |

We talked with people in the cannabis industry — from budtenders to managers and the C-suite — about their favorite products, how cannabis has helped them, and the future of cannabis.

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