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Cannabis is now just a part of everyday life in Michigan.

It’s so ubiquitous, so normalized, you could easily forget it’s still not considered legal federally, and there are roughly 50,000 people incarcerated for cannabis in the U.S.

While work still clearly needs to be done, we can also celebrate how far we’ve come. Cannabis events are picking up steam, unique businesses are popping up, the market is sorting out quality from quantity—we’re well on our way. 

With this year’s annual Cannabis Issue,  we asked a bunch of people in the industry what their favorite products are right now, the trends they’re excited for and what cannabis life hacks they have to offer. You’ll learn a lot just with these mini-Q&As alone.

Looking for things to do while high? Check out our stoner bucket list for beautiful outdoor experiences and unique indoor activities. Not sure how to deal with the munchies? We have advice both on how to curb them and how to indulge with local eats. 

Speaking of which, you’ll also find a guide to Late Night Grub in our nightlife spotlight this month, alongside a list of places to get out and sing or dance. Clubbing has changed quite a bit in West Michigan, but there’s still plenty of options for cutting a rug—and our karaoke scene is booming.

This issue also looks at new local spots like Sip Coffee + Cocktails in Alger Heights, Rad Bagels in the Downtown Market, and Cultivate GR, a new local arts center. 

If you still haven’t tried cannabis, that’s okay, no judgment here—just know there’s a whole community of people out there ready to welcome you in with open arms. As we say in the biz, they’ll get you started “low and slow.”

’Til next time,

Josh Veal, Managing Editor

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