Wine Down: CBD and Me

Eberhard Center

301 Fulton St W
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

If it seems like you're seeing CBD products everywhere, that's because you are! Your local gas stations, pet stores " even ice cream shops " seem to have hopped on the trend and for good reason. Sales of CBD products are expected to exceed $5 billion this year, a 706% increase over 2018. What’s even more likely to have piqued your interest, however, is hearing personal success stories about how it’s helped people with various conditions. From sleeplessness and anxiety to headaches and epilepsy and more, you may be considering if could it be for you or someone you care for. Join us as we open up a dialogue aiming to educate participants on everything from: What exactly is CBD (or more importantly what it is not) Product safety and quality Where to buy it and how to use it Medical merits or myths about how it may help treat mental health, immune-deficiencies, autism, pain, epilepsy, pets, cancer, dermatological problems, Alzheimer's and more. Panelist to be announced soon.

Wednesday, 20 November, 2019