We gave our current and former minions $20 to try a new restaurant and tell us about their experience. Here are the results, as told to us by the minions.

Crust 54
Kelli Gilmore, former minion

Crust 54 is a tasty, local pizza joint in Holland. The environment was casual with a seat-yourself and order-at-the-counter policy. We ordered a large thin-crust Chicago style barbecue chicken pizza that was more than enough for two people. The sauce was just the right amount of spicy and sweet but more toppings would have made it even better. 54 E. 8th St., Holland; (616) 394-3002


Elijah Brumback, former minion

Other than the killer adornments (haha, get it?), the place is pretty bare bones — clearly it's all about the pizza. I am all about the pizza too. Let me break it down. We're talking vegan/vegetarian mixology. For those who are of the persuasion that meat is the best and only delivery vehicle, it's time to break those shackles and stuff your pie hole with the sweet, savory and often unexpected pleasures of CVLT's toppings. 10 Jefferson St. SE, Grand Rapids


London Grill
Carly Plank, current minion

On the creepily deserted streets of Kalamazoo on a Sunday evening, a truly authentic British pub complete with Indian menu options and beverages from across the Atlantic was the most hopping place in town. While the free appetizer of papadum and sweet tomato chutney and the salty, cheesy stacked naan I ordered were filling and surprisingly flavorful, I remained stateside with a California white zinfandel.214 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo


New Holland Brewery
Lauren Longo, current minion

The Dixie Luau is not I-don't-know-what-to-eat-let's-just-get-pizza, pizza. Nor is it just Hawaiian. I usually prefer thick, chewy crust, but this thin-crusted pizza was not too crunchy and covered in prosciutto, bacon, pineapple and five different cheeses (I ordered mine sans banana peppers). I demolished and loved it anyway. 66 E 8th St., Holland


Kari Norton, current minion

Eating at Curragh was like eating a home-cooked meal from my grandma in Ireland – if she lived in Ireland, that is. I like to celebrate my McNaughton heritage, and this pub actually made me feel like I was there. The shepherd's pie was amazing and I would eat there every day if I could. 75 E. 8th St., Holland


Wally's Bar & Grill
Meaghan Minkus, former minion
Wally's down-to-earth, small-town atmosphere is complimented nicely by its better-than-your-grandma's Yankee Pot Roast, served with grilled onions, Swiss cheese and a caper-mayo sauce (Capers! Fancy!) on an onion bun. With a side of onion rings and washed down with a Guinness, the whole meal comes out to $19.39 with tip and tax. 128 Hoffman St., Saugatuck


Bostwick Lake Inn
Kyle Austin, former minion

At Bostwick, I expected the flavorful menu options and casually classy atmosphere typical of other Gilmore joints, and I was not disappointed. The portions were large, but my dish (prime rib and pasta with succulent sautéed veggies) was so delicious that I welcomed the leftovers. The cozy ambiance of the place nurtured our table's conversation, which kept coming back to the food. Now that's full-circle excellence. 8521 Belding Rd. NE, Rockford


Old Burdick's Bar and Grille
Audrey Sochor, current minion

Walking into Burdick's, it took me a moment to realize it's an upscale sports bar. The first hint came from glancing around at all the photos of top athletes and TVs displaying games, minus the "in your face" feel. The food is deliciously classic Americana, including a rich and creamy mac and cheese topped with bacon-wrapped shrimp. 100 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo