From Bean to Cup: Great Coffee Shops in West Michigan
Written by Michaela Stock. Photo: Factory Coffee.


To a coffee drinker, there’s nothing better than a well-crafted cup of caffeine. I can’t be the only one who goes to bed excited for that first sip of morning espresso. 

Luckily, West Michigan has no shortage of creative, quality, and community-oriented cafes to explore. Whether you’re into eco-conscious brews to city-sleek interiors, there’s something for everyone, no matter your cup of joe.

The Bradbury  |  714 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids  |

The Bradbury is a European-inspired café tucked inside Stoffer Home, a stunning furniture store in Downtown Grand Rapids. Though their menu may seem simple with its small selection of espresso drinks, The Bradbury also crafts exquisite seasonal beverages. They offer rich drinking chocolate and a variety of teas, as well as homemade syrups to add to your lattes. If you’re craving a unique-yet-upscale coffee experience, The Bradbury is the place to be.

Has Heart Coffee Shop  |  22 Sheldon Ave NE, Grand Rapids  |

Veteran owned and operated coffee shop Has Heart recently opened its doors in Grand Rapids, and their mission goes beyond serving excellent espresso. Through employing veterans’ spouses and pioneering creative spaces for veterans and artists to connect, the nonprofit is on a mission to uplift the West Michigan community. Has Heart proudly serves Madcap Coffee, and their menu features an array of caffeinated and decaffeinated beverages fit for the whole family. 

Chateau Grand Rapids  |  955 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids  |

Chateau Grand Rapids, a new coffee and wine bar located in East Hills, is where Brooklyn meets Paris. With its sleek-yet-inviting interiors, Chateau Grand Rapids is the perfect spot to have your morning coffee and evening wine. Their menu also hosts locally made pastries, small bites, and non-alcoholic options beyond coffee, making it an ideal hangout for all hours of the day.

Last Mile Cafe  |  1006 Hall St. SE, Grand Rapids  |

Do good while drinking coffee at Last Mile Cafe, a visionary coffee shop that donates 10% of its profits to organizations and communities in need. From aiding environmental causes to supporting at-risk youth, Last Mile Cafe is a people-first business that goes beyond their Grand Rapids storefront. If that’s not enough, Last Mile Cafe even roasts all their own beans, and offers tasting and home brewing classes, as well as event catering.

Moka Roots  |  3321 E Paris Ave SE., Grand Rapids  |

Located inside Super Green Market in Grand Rapids, Moka Roots is a new coffee shop that serves authentic Yemeni coffee and tea, as well as Turkish coffee. The café’s atmosphere is adorned with glass chandeliers, cozy seating, and intricate decor, so you’ll want to skip taking your drinks to-go and stay a while. Moka Roots offers unique sweets too, and its attached grocery store sells a variety of baked goods and produce that’ll be sure to provide inspiration for dinner later.

Kin Coffee and Craft House  |  1200 Ottawa Beach Rd., Holland  |

Kin Coffee is the perfect spot to grab coffee before and after trips to Lake Michigan. Located on the way to Holland State Park, the café offers a second home to their community by providing a place for families and friends to come together and slow down. They host art classes and monthly creative nights for artists of all levels, not to mention their menu goes beyond basic espresso drinks. With yummy treats like a Creamed Root Beer Cold Brew and Rose Cardamom syrup, Kin Coffee is a family-owned business that encourages folks to come, sip, and stay.

Factory Coffee  |  213 E. Frank St., Kalamazoo  |  205 W. Lovell St., Kalamazoo  |

Factory Coffee is a roastery and café that believes good coffee starts with good people. With two locations across Kalamazoo, this family-owned business is on a mission to support community-driven farms, amplify women and minority voices in coffee, and reduce their own carbon footprint. Factory Coffee has a beautiful menu of handcrafted beverages and quality eats, including rotating quiches and seasonal drinks.

Quickwater Coffee Roasters  |  8 E. Bridge St. NE, Rockford  |

Inspired by the rivers and streams of Michigan, including Rockford’s own Rogue River, Quickwater is all about making a great cup of coffee from the bean up. They roast their own coffee and use that to create great pourovers and fun, balanced seasonal lattes. Stop in to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and grab some beans for home brewing.

Schuler’s Books Chapbook Café  |  2660 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids  |

Schuler's Books Chapbook Café is an ideal hangout for the coffee drinker who also loves to read. They serve Ferris Coffee, alongside breakfast, lunch and dinner options. In the winter, Chapbook Café turns on a cozy fireplace. When the weather warms up, their outdoor patio is a great spot to unwind with a treat. Between the books and the brews, you can’t go wrong.