Gluten Free Girl: New Holland Brewing

New Holland Brewing
66 East 8th Street, Holland, (616) 355-6422

Item: 10” Gluten Free Bacon & Whiskey BBQ Pizza
Price: $11


You may not be able to drink the beer, but you can enjoy handmade gluten free options at New Holland Brewing.

While the art of craft beer is celebrated here, New Holland chefs have harnessed an art all their own and infused the menu with thoughtful options.

For gluten-free eaters craving fresh pie, choose from seven pizzas, all of which can be made with a gluten-free thin crust. I opted for a brewer’s favorite, the Bacon and Whiskey BBQ pizza.

It’s a flavorful combination of baked sliced chicken, bacon, sweet and spicy peppers, red onions and a blend of melted cheese. The barbecue sauce is handmade on site using onions to create a tangy, satisfying taste.

When added to the other ingredients, this pizza delivers a spicy, sweet, meaty, crispy, tangy punch that will leave you devouring until the last slice.