Sweet Summer Treats

Summer may be on its way out, but it's not just over yet! And with this heat comes the sweet treats to keep us cool.

If you're still planning any summer events like weddings, birthday parties or barbecues, these treats are great for any gathering. Why grab a bag of potato chips off the shelf when you could have a cool summer treat to beat the heat and elevate your party?

Even if you're done with summer fun, ice cream, chocolate and other desserts are always in-season. So let’s take a look at just a few of the great chocolatiers, bakers and ice cream shops around town.

Le Bon Macaron

951 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids


Macarons are the perfect party treat — small, charming, beautiful, refreshing, yet full of flavor. At Le Bon Macaron, you can order gift boxes in large amounts, small party favors for each person, or just head to the shop and order what looks good! These tasty little “sandwiches” come in dozens of flavors, from crème brûlée and red velvet to blueberry and pistachio.

Furniture City Creamery

958 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids


Furniture City Creamery is known for offering fresh, small-batch ice cream year-round, with plenty of vegan offerings. The flavors change constantly, but include options like Sugar Cookie, Kahlua, S’Mores and more. They also have multiple great options for large gatherings, including a Vintage Ice Cream Truck, a Sundae Bar, and a Treat Cart available to rent. If your party doesn’t need 100 servings though, stop in for a few pints and ice cream sandwiches.

Palazzolo’s Artisan Dairy


You’re most likely to find Palazzolo’s products in a local grocery store like Bridge Street Market, but you can also order it straight to your door. Their specialty is gelato, a milk-based frozen dessert that’s denser and richer than ice cream. Surprise your party guests with pints of all-natural artisan gelato, offering tons of flavors, from Mackinac Island Fudge to White Chocolate Raspberry. 

Grand Rapids
Cheesecake Company

2255 Alpine Ave. NW, Grand Rapids


The GR Cheesecake Company has a secret recipe that brings the magic to their fresh-made cheesecakes every day. To make things easier on your guests, order in sheet form for a spread of pre-cut bites of cheesecake, rather than trying to cut a tall, circular cake into 20 different pieces. These delicious and chilled cakes vary from fruity flavors like cherry and raspberry to dessert flavors like Butterfinger and Oreo.


919 E. Fulton St., Grand Rapids

48 E. Lakewood Blvd., Holland


When you need a special cake (or cake pops, or pie, or fruit tart, or cheesecake) for a special occasion, Cakabakery is a great choice. They make beautiful, artistic cakes across a wide variety of flavors, including carrot cake, double chocolate, vanilla chardonnay and more.

Frosty Boy GR

1757 Plainfield Ave., Grand Rapids


As a seasonal ice cream stand, right now is your best chance to enjoy Frosty Boy before the cold creeps in. This shop is so popular, you’ll have to head there and grab your order before the party — or better yet, bring your party right to Frosty Boy so people can get what they want! With a sprawling menu, from shakes to sundaes, flurries, floats, soft serve and more, there’s quite literally something for everyone to love here.


638 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids


When you want fancy chocolates, Mokaya is absolutely the place to be. Stop in for all kinds of truffles and bonbons, including flavors made with local beer, wine and spirits. Or grab special confections like a Meringue Lollipop or Peppermint Patty. Either way, guests will be impressed with the professional talent on display.

Confections with Convictions

116 W. Crosstown Pkwy, Kalamazoo


Similarly, this chocolate shop that employs young people with criminal records also creates some of the best chocolate in West Michigan. Stop in for a collection of caramels, truffles, barks and bites, with plenty of event options (like party favors and gift boxes) to choose from!

Amethyst Bee Cakery

425 Norwood Ave. SE, Grand Rapids


Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, macarons — Amethyst Bee does it all. If you want to make it easy, grab a to-go taster pack, like the Signature Box with lavender blueberry cake, pink champagne cake, and lemon cake. Then grab a Treat Box filled with cookies, brownies and/or toffee bark!

The Only Cannoli

1143 3rd St., Muskegon


Sweetened creamy ricotta in a fried pastry shell, dusted with powdered sugar and chocolate chips? That’s traditional cannoli, and it’s a perfectly unique party treat, great for warm days. You can also get decidedly untraditional with options like the Cookies & Cream Cannoli or Cannoli de Mayo (with pineapple and tajin). Buon appetite!