Fresh Finds: 2018 West Michigan Farmers’ Markets

Written by REVUE Marketing Staff | Monday, 30 April 2018 10:00 |

The farmers’ market was locavore and farm-to-table before those buzz terms existed. An idea as old as civilization itself, outdoor markets full of locally harvested produce and goods have always functioned as a social glue, where families can meet the people responsible for getting food onto their tables.

Southwest Michigan Craft Beer Scene Beckons with Chill Vibes

Written by Joe Boomgaard | Monday, 30 April 2018 09:42 |

The southwest corner of Michigan has long been the playground for Chicagoans looking to escape the concrete jungle for a slice of natural beauty. At the same time, that region of the Mitten has developed a craft beverage scene that fights well above its weight — or what its local population might suggest. Enticed by this notion, the Revue team rallied for a road trip to Southwest Michigan — specifically, Berrien County — to sample the wares. Here’s what we found out.

Review: Nelson Freire presents enduring, uncomplicated beauty

Written by Samara Napolitan | Sunday, 29 April 2018 17:39 |

There are plenty of musicians today who embrace showmanship and spectacle to make an impression. But in a society that barrages us with hollow messages and countless distractions, honest and refined music can offer due respite.

Having spent his life spreading joy with his outlandish costumes and unique style of playing the piano in concert halls, on television and as the consummate Las Vegas act, Liberace has returned from the dead to set the story straight, so to speak, because he feels redundant in heaven where everyone’s just perpetually happy.

Review: Wei Luo’s passion is plain to see and hear

Written by Samara Napolitan | Sunday, 29 April 2018 15:25 |

Wei Luo, recipient of a 2018 Gilmore Young Artist Award, shares a music teacher with another Chinese pianist: Lang Lang, who also left his home country for America as a young teenager.

Bell’s Eccentric Cafe was abuzz and looked a bit different than usual Thursday night. From the sounds of things, it could have been a club in Greenwich Village at any point in the 20th Century — but without the cigarette smoke and with better beer. 

Much like being named a Gilmore Artist, winning the International Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition carries much significance for a burgeoning concert pianist. 32-year-old Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz has claimed both accolades. Blechacz swept the Chopin Piano Competition in 2005 — the first Polish pianist in 30 years to win the top prize — and later won the Gilmore Artist Award in 2014.

Ingrid Fliter was the main draw during a Friday afternoon Gilmore performance, but she shared the stage in the Wellspring Theatre with a clarinetist, cellist and violinist who each had the opportunity to showcase their immense musical range.

“The name Reservoir itself means ‘a collection of.’ We’re a curated lifestyle boutique featuring things I’ve fallen in love with,” said owner and curator Erin Murphy Doan. The sustainability focus, coupled with a ton of U.S.-made products, means your purchase of home décor or apparel is environmentally friendly and brings a more stable future to our country’s economy. But dang if the stuff isn’t fresh and modern too.

The Booze & The Bees: Revue’s guide to mead and cider

Written by Josh Veal and Revue Staff | Friday, 27 April 2018 15:17 |

Fun fact: Cider and mead are both classified as wine, technically. On one hand, some classifications are nonsense — bell peppers are a fruit, according to “scientists,” but we all know that’s ridiculous.

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