Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of farce hardly matters when you find yourself in the audience of a truly excellent production. The script will necessarily be formulaic and full of corny jokes — and yet what talented, imaginative, fully-committed actors can do with that set of characters and off-the-wall scenario, particularly with a director who has a gift for comedy, can make you marvel at their artistry and laugh so hard your belly hurts.

Thomas Pike and the Vintage Parlor Orchestra are working to bring orchestral music back to the mainstream. As the project gains momentum, expect to hear symphonic arrangements in unusual places — maybe even your favorite bar or art gallery.

The new executive director for the Grand Rapids Opera has always been a lover of music, philanthropy and business and it shows in every aspect of her life.

Lakeshore art galleries offer a little bit of everything when it comes to fine art gifts, home décor and original paintings and pottery.

When we see a show so amazing that it draws us in and makes us forget there are real people onstage, it’s so easy to not think about what performers like Isabella Abuan go through every single day to make that magical performance happen.

In a small doughnut shop in Uptown Chicago, two unlikely friends form a bond and find out not only what sets them apart, but more importantly, what they have in common.

Best of The West 2019: The Winners Issue

Written by Josh Veal | Thursday, 25 July 2019 17:15 |

After two and a half months of voting, the fourth Best of the West has come to an end and the results are finally here.

Best of The West: Shopping Winners

Written by Missy Black | Thursday, 25 July 2019 16:50 |

"Elegance is refusal.”— Coco Chanel

This simple idea couldn’t be more appropriate for this year’s shopping results. Reaching the pinnacle of fashion while editing and refining our style means saying “no” to many ideas (fast-fashion, tacky trends) and yes to a select few. If you’re seeking elegance in this town and looking for beauty that’s effective and straightforward, we can point you toward our winners list. 

Best of the West: Services & People Winners

Written by Josh Veal | Thursday, 25 July 2019 15:54 |

Where would any of our Best of the West winners be without people? Nowhere! Businesses don’t build themselves. 

Style Notes: LIVE A LITTLE

Written by Missy Black | Friday, 26 July 2019 14:00 |

Our new favorite vintage shop teaches us how to modernize retro looks. 

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