Alexis Satisfies Pop Cravings

Matthew Forbush just spent $350 on Lady Gaga tickets. Now, this is a guy who takes pop seriously.

"I'm really just a fan of the enormous amount of pop culture she represents," Forbush said.

As frontman of Grand Rapids-based electro-pop duo Alexis, Forbush doesn't consider the world of pop an inferior one. Rather, it's one that gives him plenty of inspiration. And though Alexis is certainly at a much smaller level than Lady Gaga and her colleagues, Matthew and keyboardist Dan Hurst succeed greatly at bringing both the spectacle and the magic of great pop music into their live shows and into their recordings.

Alexis started playing at local open mic nights. Its infectious, and, at times, spacey tunes quickly won the band an audience that continues to grow more and more each day. And now, with The Night, its debut EP, the duo hopes to continue performing music that not only satisfies cravings for good pop music, but also challenges them. Matthew and Dan also make the kind of music you can't help but dance to. And if the audience members don't want to dance, well, Forbush will gladly do it for them.

"I've always danced. I was going out dancing a lot a couple years ago, and I found that people paid more attention to me when I would be out dancing around," Forbush said.

For a while, he performed his music on an acoustic guitar, however, his songs just didn't get the kind of attention he had hoped for. Yet, his love for making great music was still strong. He decided to try combining his love for dancing and music making. The response was extremely positive, thus resulting in the formation of Alexis, and the band has been bringing its dance-inducing music to stages across West Michigan ever since.

Along with its EP and current recordings, Alexis has also been working with Scott Rider (drummer for Valentiger) on a music video which will be released in February.

"We've got some live footage from a Founders show, which Scott will incorporate into the video. He's got some ideas for the interesting parts of the video that aren't just live performances."