Already Dead Tapes presents the Family Reunion Music Festival

Already Dead Family Reunion
Downtown Kalamazoo
Sept. 20-22

In August we introduced you to the Already Dead Tapes and Vinyl label. This month, we get a chance to see some of the label's bands in action. On Sept. 20, Already Dead — which releases albums on cassette tapes — hosts its second annual Family Reunion Music Festival in Kalamazoo.

“There’s all kinds of music happening,” said Already Dead Producer Sean Hartman. "The label tries to put out as large of a variety of music as possible. There’s pop bands, there’s rock bands, there’s noise, there’s free jazz, there’s experimental, electronica, folk, all kinds of stuff.”

Between Hartman’s No Fun House and Louie’s Trophy House serving as venues, 28 bands will perform, including Emperor X and Saturday Looks Good To Me.

“I think that [music fans] are looking for bands that are playing something they’ve never heard before – something that’s kind of challenging or makes you think a little bit,” Hartman said. “With music being so easy to get a hold of, it’s a lot easier for people to discover that there are all these other genres. It allows for more of a fan base for some of these more challenging connoisseurs of music.”

The first 25 weekend passes are going for $12, which includes all three days and the after party.  After those tickets are gone, prices will increase to $14 and then eventually to $16. There are also $7 day passes for those that can’t make it every day. Needless to say, you won’t be breaking the bank, but I can’t promise that you won’t spend your last pennies buying new cassettes and vinyls.   

Pictured: Emperor X. Credit Stephanie Gonot.