Go Radio performs at The Intersection in Grand Rapids

The driving force behind every great band is a lot of great fans - and the guys of Go Radio know just how to make them:

"By being a good band; by being, you know, good people and playing honest music that people can relate to," said Frontman Jason Lancaster. "I feel like at every single show we're out there saying ‘hi' and meeting people and letting people know that we're not, you know, just here to play a show and then go home. We want to meet everybody and we want to make our fans as big a part of this as we are."

The Tallahassee, Fla. band has been making music together for five years, but just recently gained recognition after releasing its first full-length studio album, Lucky Street, last March and then playing the entire seven weeks of Warped Tour 2011.

The band won't be playing at the Warped Tour this year, but it's kicking off a two-month headlining tour on March 20 in Indianapolis. The band also just finished recording a second studio album.

Lancaster said the transition from Lucky Street to the new album was a natural progression and that this new record will be a little bigger.

"It just kinda sums up everything that we wanted to do, every sound that we wanted to get; everything that we ever really hoped for with a record, it's this one. We're all really excited about it."

The expected release date isn't until July or August, but fans can expect a more perfected sound on this one as the band has grown.

"We were a lot pickier with tones and tempos and everything for this record, so everything is gonna be a little bit different," he said. "Everything is extremely thought out."

Go Radio recorded every song from start to finish before moving on, which was stressful and frustrating at the beginning Lancaster said, but it let them make sure nothing on the record was boring or repeated.

"Every song is exactly like we wanted it to turn out."

Lancaster said the band might play some of the new songs on their Lucky Street Tour, which comes to The Intersection March 22, but the shows vary from night to night. What is played depends on the mood of the show and everything is in the running.

Although touring all year and missing out on appreciating certain aspects of life can be hard, Lancaster said it's worth it.

"It's a calling. It's something that makes us all really happy and so you never get tired of it. As hard as it gets, you never get tired of it."