In the Studio: The Skies Revolt

Spastic, uncontrollable energy has always been a part of the formula for Grand Rapids-based rock band The Skies Revolt. While vocalist Dave Prindle said the band's forthcoming album, tentatively titled Some Kind of Cosmonaut, retains the signature sound — he also confessed they've shed most of the shouting and screaming and replaced it with clean vocals.

"Well, my throat started hurting," Prindle said with a laugh. ""I got tired. Got older. I just don't see the point in writing the same thing twice — we've already done the yelling thing. We're just kind of getting to that age where I want to write fun songs that everyone can sing along to."

The band is recording Some Kind of Cosmonaut with Grand Rapids-based producer Mike Cervantes at Foxboro Studio. The album is slated for a winter release, but Prindle said the release date is based around some record label interest.

"We want to see what [the labels] have to say before we release it on our own," Prindle said. We've never been the band that's looking for a label ... I don't think you need them this day and age — a lot of times they want to control your music, and a lot of things they do, you can do online now. But there are still good labels out there, though, and that's why we want to hear them out."

Some Kind of Cosmonaut will feature 12-13 tracks, with a music video to be released "relatively soon."