Local bands ensure you have yourself a gnarly little Christmas

The best-est Christmas pageant doesn’t always have to be the most traditional. This weekend, skip the traditional and come see The Most Gnarliest Christmas Pageant Ever (that's not opinon...it's actually what it's called)! Nothing like a lil’ rock 'n’ roll, to jump start your holiday!

Ok, so maybe it’s not really a pageant so much as a rock concert…but hey, close enough right? The Christmas spirit, although gnarly, is still very present in this show, though. Proceeds will go to benefit the Pediatric Oncology Resource Team at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, a team of volunteers that work with children, and the families of children, coping with cancer or blood disorders.

The show is all ages. As far as family night goes, this is a pretty cool one, and may be a bit more exciting for the kids than the usual rounds of Monopoly or Uno.

The show is this Saturday, Dec. 21, and starts at 7 p.m., at The Stache, located inside the Intersection. Bands Uncommon Road, West & Run, The Love Hate, Midwest Skies and Jake Simmons will be featured.

Have a gnarly Christmas.