Muskegon Summer Celebration ends its 19-year run

In a somber farewell, Muskegon, Mich. says goodbye to the long established Summer Celebration according to a press release sent today by the event's board.

A familiar culprit of this grizzly era, it was financial shortcomings of previous years, which brought what Board Chair Byron Mazade called the "agonizing" decision to not move forward with the 2012 celebration.

It seems that no amount of alternative planning or ideas by the board could save the last 19 years of work at Heritage Landing, a name now carrying a dash of irony.
However the news is taken, it was the sponsors who were so "critical" in making the summer celebration possible according to the board. Their support was what allowed the festival to bring in the "great entertainment names" it had hosted Board President Tim Achterhoff said.

Executive Director Joe Austin extended his accolades to the number of "generous" volunteers, who in some years recorded more than 24,000 hours.

A final thanks was also given to patrons in hopes that the event has provided them with some "great memories."