Revue Road Trip Playlist

Having the right soundtrack can singlehandedly make your road trip unforgettable. 

That’s why, when you’re heading out to explore all the splendor of our state this summer, it’s a great time to discover and appreciate the amazing artists who call West Michigan home, and who have done more than their fair share of hitting the highway themselves. 

Here’s the Revue Road Trip playlist, now available on Spotify.

The Accidentals – “Eastern Standard Time”

The opening track from the Traverse City band’s latest EP is the perfect way to calibrate the clock on your dash, and in your heart, before beginning a new journey. Breathtakingly beautiful with the Michigan mainstay’s signature harmonies, the song’s propulsive rhythm will set you gently on your way.

Billy Strings – “Heartbeat of America”

The biggest artist to emerge from West Michigan in recent years, Ionia native Billy Strings is set to be everywhere this year, and one listen to his fantastic fingerpicking and solid songwriting proves why. Anthemic and ascendant, this song showcases his virtuosic skills, and sets the tempo for any adventure ahead. 

Celestial (MI) – “Streetlights”

Shift into high gear with this full octane burner from rising Kalamazoo psych-rock outfit Celestial. Its up-tempo guitar interplay seems ripped right from a classic cult road movie, so get ready to get lost while finding yourself.

Patty Pershayla & the Mayhaps – “Borders”

A finalist in REVUE’s own Best of the West for Best Solo Artist, Patty Pershayla pushes boundaries on this track from her latest full-length album, Cheap Diction, released last year. Known for exploring the bass, let her be your guide on a quick detour into ‘70s-inspired rock ‘n’ roll. 

Leland Blue – “Good Time”

Tinged with ‘80s synths, the latest from Grand Rapids’ Leland Blue lives up to its title by delivering an inescapably good time. Instantly catchy, it’s the sort of song that shimmers and shines, and sounds just right for day out in the sun.

Phabies – “The High Road”

The opening track from Phabies’ 2018 self-titled EP is the sort of song that’s simply perfect. No frills, nothing fancy, just a lot of heart. If it touches yours, make sure to check out the band’s brand new album, Fire Seed as well.  

The Brandino Extravaganza – “Sunny Daze”

A one-man band of sorts, Brandon Proch does it all, and this showcase of his singular talent – ranging from saxophone solos to scatting to genre-hopping giddiness – is a fun way to completely shifts gears mid-mix, and chase away any rain clouds.

Pink Sky, Silent Spirit – “Discovery”

For those who like a road mix to rise and fall, this ambient masterpiece from two of Grand Rapids’ best electronic acts serves as a pristine palette cleanser. Hypnotic yet engaging, the instrumental collaboration pulses and pounds with equal parts raw energy and ethereal vibes. 

Marsfade – “Outside”

Speaking of vibes, and synthesizers, Marsfade aka Marley Ferguson, sings a lament for anyone a little less inclined to venture out of their home. Released last year during the pandemic, the song’s climatic build is a visceral encapsulation of the tension many of us have felt for the past two years, and a welcome release. 

Loren Johnson – “Into The Morning”

Lead by Johnson’s strong vocal, this track plays as a night and day difference to the one that preceded it. It’s a song that doesn’t dwell on the past, but instead uses it as fuel to confidently welcome a new dawn.

KJ & the Good Time Family Band – “New Horizon”

Opening with lead vocalist Kurt “KJ” Johnson II literally yawning as he and his band effortlessly lay down an unshakably funky groove, this song slaps, bringing the party to your ride as you bounce through the back half of your drive. 

Avocadsquad – “Walk Outside”

A delicious combination of musical flavors, Avocadsquad has its own recipe for genre blending music. Think rap meets funk, tight in the pocket, before hanging a sharp left for a show-tune closer that somehow brings it all together.

The Skinny Limbs – “Future Days”

Isn’t the road the best place to ponder life’s open-ended possibilities? Float along to the wandering waves and chill feel of this cut from The Skinny Limbs to tune in and tune out. 

The Fever Haze – “Bat Outta Highway To Hell”

Every solid mix needs a grand finale, and this one’s got a one-two punch. The triumphant return of Holland’s The Fever Haze finds the band hotter than ever, blazing their own new trail, with searing guitar leads. 

Michigander – “Better”

Honestly Michigander’s latest, Everything Will Be OK Eventually, makes for a phenomenal road listen, with frontman Jason Singer’s songwriting deeply rooted in the classic highway traditions of legends like Bruce Springsteen. But this track hits so hard as an emotionally epic, yet beautifully bittersweet closer, it sends this set of songs off on a soaring high.