Revue Road Trip Playlist 2023

Hitting the road for an adventure this summer? Take along our carefully curated playlist of West Michigan bands and artists to sonically explore with your ears while you’re checking out all the best sights. Filled with hot new tracks from rising musicians, and surprises from area favorites, get ready for some twists and turns on this auditory journey perfect for cranking the windows down and the volume up! 


“Lake Effect”

Evoking the landscape and landmarks of West Michigan, from Lake Michigan to I-94, this soul-stirring anthem of lonesome travels tugs at the heartstrings. Frontman Taylor Hottenstein’s soaring voice rings out over the highway, lamenting the last mile of his long trip back home, and welcoming you to head out on your own.

Caitlin Cusack

“How Far Can I Go”

Breakout singer-songwriter Caitlin Cusack tells a tale of unrelenting resilience over a rollicking rhythm, as she takes to the road to tackle her troubles. The song lets the road stretch out in front of her, poised with promise and possibility, and propelled by her powerful vocals. 

Myron Elkins

“Factories, Farms & Amphetamines”

The biggest artist to emerge from West Michigan since Billy Strings broke through, Myron Elkins writes nothing but road-ready, blues-tinged country-rock. His whole new album “Factories, Farms & Amphetamines,” could soundtrack a sun-soaked drive down south, and the title track is a great example of his poignant portraits of modern rural living set against classic Americana.

Prior Noon

“Midnight Headlights”

Fresh off winning their way onto the stage at this year’s B93 Birthday Bash, Lowell pop-country outfit Prior Noon has started living their dreams. On this song co-lead vocalist McKenna Grody sings of fearlessly chasing down the unknown and not letting the darkness stop her on the road to stardom.

Jake Simmons

“State Trooper”

Longtime Kalamazoo rocker Jake Simmons shows no signs of stopping or slowing down on this late night barnburner. Grinding it out underground for years, Simmons’ songwriting is the stuff of true Midwestern grit that keeps the engine running even when the potholes and the rust threaten to take the wheels right off.

Short Panic

“Tunnel Vision”

Made up of Grand Rapids Community College students, Short Panic has just gotten started, but their blend of funk-rock is perfect for getting your ride into a groove. The group won the Battle of the Bands competition at The Stray earlier this year, standing out with their saxophone licks and bass-driven kicks.

Xander Taylor

“Pass Go”

Grand Rapids rapper Xander Taylor moves with a flow so effortless and undeniable, there’s really no stopping him. Just try to keep with his rhymes as this track changes up the vibe and bounces with a summery feel that’s fresh yet familiar. 

Headband Henny

“Here I Go”

Shift into high gear for this one. Kalamazoo MC Headband Henny has burst onto the scene recently, and this up-tempo banger invites you join him as he amps up the party in your car, turning your dash into a dancefloor, with a head-nodding swagger sure to keep things rolling. 

Pablo Eskobear

“Off the Beaten Path”

Jammie Award winning producer/drummer Pablo Eskobear changed lanes when he went from playing heavy metal to crafting his own hip-hop beats. But don’t hibernate on his unique sense of style, or his speaker-rattling bass. It’ll sneak up on you fast and bump up your ride to the next destination. 

Floppy Drive

“The Path We Choose”

Grand Rapids EDM artist Floppy Drive goes full-on retro futurist, dropping the dubstep wobble amid playful sax samples that cruises and crushes. Already kicking off festival season at the massive Summer Camp Festival, his stuff is a great startup for anyone heading to an outdoor dance party of their own. 

Moss Manor


Made up of Seth Bernard, Michael Dause (formerly of The Accidentals), and Dan Rickabus (of The Crane Wives), this Michigan supergroup enchants with its ethereal harmonies and sonic explorations into the psyche and the soul. Created during the pandemic, the trio’s captivating indie folk longs for the freedom of the boundless horizon.


“Come On”

The new creation from Alex and Ashley McGrath, formerly of Grand Rapids indie rock legends The Soil and The Sun, Turtledoves are releasing a single every month this year. On this ukulele led, lo-fi ballad they float by, lighter than air, before building to a pulse-pounding crescendo, celebrating the beauty of nature. 

Cal In Red


Every playlist needs an outright joyride, and this infectious bop from GR’s Cal In Red gets it right. Ready to open for Bastille at GLC Live at 20 Monroe this fall, the duo drives home why they’re one of the hottest bands in our area right now, and will have you humming along before the second chorus. 

Fake Baseball

“Pleasure Seeker”

Swinging for the fences, Kalamazoo’s Fake Baseball makes real artistic pop music that pulls on heartstrings and hips in equal measure. A mix of synths, guitar leads, saxophone, and longing vocals, this bluesy ballad builds and builds, setting up for a triumphant grand finale. 

Nathan Walton & the Remedy


Quintessential road trip material, the high octane rush of this classic-rock-inspired climax chronicles the weariness of a tour warrior running on fumes. Bleary eyed yet unbreakable, Walton’s voice grips tight, belting out to the sky, and beckoning you back home again. 


“Into The Open”

An absolutely beautifully epic close, rising up into the sky, “Into The Open” encapsulates Grand Rapids’ Y-Not’s musical message and philosophical vision. Authentic and anthemic, the song stands as a reminder of the true purpose of any great summer excursion, and that’s not to take any of life’s moments for granted.

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