Super, Extremely, Extracurricular

Your kids go to class all day, but are they really learning what they want to do? There are tons of opportunities in West Michigan for the young ones to start a new hobby or take their education to the next level. If you want your kids to have fun while growing their talents and skills, have them try out one of these classes.

Family Fun Cooking Classes
Sur la Table
2500 Burton St. SE, Grand Rapids

You can teach your kids to cook at home, but it’s much more memorable to have them take a class from a professional — plus, you’ll probably learn something too! Check out the Family Fun classes at Sur la Table, like April Fool, which will teach you how to cook food that looks like a different food, i.e. meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting. There are also lots of baking classes!

Kids Cook Real Food

If you’d rather take your work home, this online cooking class — based in West Michigan — is perfect for your kids. It’s not just about making food, but creating healthy habits based on nutritious eating, responsibility and confidence. 

Cannonsburg Kids
6800 Cannonsburg Rd., Belmont

If you want to learn how to ski or snowboard, starting young is the best way to go. Cannonsburg’s instructors will help out kids of any ability level, whether it’s their first time or they’re looking to take their time on the hill up a notch. It’s a fun group class where they’ll learn with other snow-loving kids, and you can reserve for one day only or do a three-day progression package.

KCAD Youth Courses
Kendall College of Art and Design
17 Fountain St. NW, Grand Rapids

Kendall takes the foundation of the classic K-12 art education and builds on it, allowing your children and teens to take classics specifically focusing on clay, comics, fashion illustration and even Minecraft. They’ll be dubbed Most Artistic in no time.

Grand Rapids Art Classes for Children
2700 E. Fulton St., Grand Rapids

With her local art classes, Dr. Michelle Frenzel Trustlove really focuses on bringing out the innate artistic ability in all of us, encouraging children to trust and express themselves through creativity. The affordable classes are about friendship and affirmation as much as they are about art itself.

Kids Unlimited Activity Center
596 Baldwin St., Jenison

Kids Unlimited has all kinds of classes, from gymnastics and tumble to martial arts and Ninja Warrior training. The latter may be unusual, but there’s no better way to get a kid active than making it fun, and Ninja Warrior turns exercise into an obstacle course. Cannonballs, pegboards, rock walls — they have it all!