TRACK OF THE WEEK: "Hesitating Hands" by The Wallace Collective

If you're strolling through The Wallace Collective's most recent EP, be prepared to get hit with a cornucopia of sounds. The Grand Rapids-based folk rock outfit features full versatility on their latest release, put out in May of this year.

The album has got a little something for the low-fi, psychedelic rocker ("If You Really Knew Me"), folk fanatics ("Old Tire Bastard") and there are even signs of some blues and country.

For this week's Local Track of the Week, we are featuring one of the group's more main stream sounding tracks. A straight-laced acoustic number featuring the vocal stylings of Olivia Johnson, "Hesitating Hands" is one that fans of all genres can enjoy.

Plus, who isn't a sucker for a chorus with a nice hook? Be warned: This song has full-fledged ear worm potential, so listen carefully below or all through our website this week.

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