TRACK OF THE WEEK: "Shift" by Vega

If the White Stripes and Rage Against The Machine spent a drunken night together and created a love child (maybe Coheed and Cambria was hiding in the closet while it was happening), I'm pretty sure its name would be Vega.

This Kalamazoo trio offers a edgier indie rock experience amid a scene that is heavy on soft picking and strumming. With Benjamin Cooper, Jim Monette and Steven Mabry in the drivers seat, Vega released a full-length album in August of this year.

Recorded by Nick Lobel at StereoPulse Studio, the album features 11 hard-hitting tracks. We grabbed one off the album and decided to feature it here as our Local Track of the Week.

The song is called "Shift". You can check it out below or anywhere else on our world wide website.

Vega will appear at Louie's Trophy House and Grill on Dec. 28 along with Decades and Drift Lifted.

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