We Came as Romans

It's easy to be negative, but Detroit rock outfit We Came As Romans fights that urge. The band's members make an effort to put a positive spin on their music and message.

"I think that the world in general, and the attitude of people in general, is negative. It's so much easier to be negative and promote it than it is to be positive," said lead guitarist Joshua Moore when asked about the band's message.

And how does society respond to a band that chooses to focus on the positive?

"I think our fans really appreciate the message that comes with our music," Moore said. "It's like a breath of fresh air for them."

A breath of fresh air indeed, if two highly successful albums and virtually constant touring are any indication.

"We stay on the road almost all year," Moore said of the band's schedule.

And while it can be a bit hectic, the band is up to the task.

"Last year we did three straight months away from home - that was four back-to-back tours, and that was a little rough, but we all signed up for it and we all figured out how to enjoy as much as we can of it."

The group's newest album, Understanding What We've Grown To Be, is still true to the band's positive nature but has a bit more ominous tone.

"We were learning more and more about the industry and about the darker sides to the lifestyle we chose, the ones that we had never known existed," Moore said."I write the lyrics about things that go on in our actual lives. Our albums and music will always be a continuation of what's going on in my life, each of the band member's lives and our lives together."

With a slew of upcoming show dates, April will bring the members of We Came As Romans back to their home state of Michigan.

"On this tour, Grand Rapids is one of the closest shows to a 'hometown' show that we have, since the tour doesn't stop through Detroit, so it'll be really cool," Moore said. "The last time we played Grand Rapids was on our Rock Yourself To Sleep headliner. It was amazing, so I expect nothing less."

Photo: Adam Elmakias